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Webfont Wednesday: Big News for Web FontFonts

In case you missed today’s newsletter, we’ve got a ton of updates in the world of Web FontFonts. In addition to several FontFonts adding web versions, there’s also all sorts of goodies packed into them. Check it out:

Designers rejoice! Comp fonts now included in Web FFs

Once again FontFont is leading the charge in webfont technology and making the lives of designers much easier! It’s now even simpler to involve great typefaces like FF Meta Web, FF Unit Web, or the new FF Sero Web in all phases of website creation. We know that during the design process it may be necessary to create page layouts of the proposed design using applications that don’t support WOFF/EOT fonts. For this purpose, Web FontFont archives now contain corresponding TrueType-flavored OpenType fonts for the offline design phase. As reflected in the amended Web FontFont EULA, these comp fonts may only be used for this specific purpose.

Improved Web FontFonts

Additionally, Web FontFonts have been reworked to ensure you end up with a smaller file size, additional optimization for Microsoft’s rendering API DirectWrite and improved vertical metrics for consistent baseline positions in all browsers. In many of the files, you can also now choose between Oldstyle Figures and Proportional Lining Figures. If you’ve already purchased Web FontFonts, you can enjoy these enhancements; upgraded files are available for download in your account at no additional cost.

FontFont Subsetter

Once you’ve downloaded your Web FontFonts, use Subsetter to create a new, lighter webfont file tailored to the needs of your website. Learn more here.

FontShop Friday Five: Feedback & Foundries

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

Tell Us What You Think

We launched our 2011 Customer Survey this week and want to hear from you! Click here to take the survey. All those who complete it by Friday, July 29 will receive a promo code for 20% off at FontShop!

Letterbox Updates

Not only did Letterbox recently add new fonts to their collection, but they upgraded their ENTIRE library. Take an in-depth look here.

FontBook is Coming July 21

Looks like there’s been more movement on FontBook.com. Sign up for updates and you’ll be among the first to know how to get your paws on it starting next Thursday!

TYPO Comes Home

We examined TYPO London‘s use of FF Unit Web on Wednesday and gave you the scoop on this exciting event in October.

On the FontFeed

Kylie + typefaces = bizarre/obscure 90s video

Friday Five Fonts:  Alix FB by Font Bureau and Delight Script by Sudtipos

Webfont Wednesday: Places for Webfonts

In case you’ve missed the exciting news, TYPO returns home to London this fall. Of course, what would a premier design conference be without a first-rate website employing a solid webfont? TYPO London’s leverages FF Unit Web throughout to communicate information about the event. Want to learn more? Information on TYPO London is below.

TYPO is coming home!

We are delighted to announce that TYPO London, the event based on the hugely successful TYPO Berlin, will return to its roots in London, the city where it all began with FUSE 1994. Europe’s most successful annual design conference was founded in 1996 from the impetus created by the first two FUSE Conferences in London 1994 and Berlin 1995. The Berlin FUSE conference was the springboard that created the demand for TYPO. It is fitting that the founder of FUSE, legendary designer and typographer Neville Brody, “Britain’s first pop-star typographer” (International Herald Tribune), will be one of the speakers at TYPO London 2011.

In October FUSE will return to its roots – as TYPO London 2011. Some 1,000 typographers, designers and communication professionals from all over the world will have the opportunity to follow an eclectic and inspiring mix of talks by the most influential thinkers of these disciplines.  Among the speakers who have confirmed their attendance for TYPO London 2011 are: Neville Brody, Michael Bierut, König Bansah, Jonathan Ellery, Jeff Faulkner, Tim Fendley, Dale Herigstad, Nat Hunter, Gary Hustwit, Michael B Johnson, Chip Kidd, Morag Myerscough, Pamela Mead, Karin von Ompteda, Joachim Sauter, Marina Willer, Laurence Weiner, Julian Zimmermann and many more.

The theme of this years TYPO London is »Places«. From information and urban planning to social networks, online communities and animated worlds, places shape our social behaviour. Design and the creative process is often the unifying factor linking people, places and things together.

The 2nd round of early bird tickets has just started!

FontShop Friday Five: Launches & Updates

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

Introducing Subsetter

We were excited to announce the launch of FF Subsetter this week, a new tool that can significantly reduce the size of your Web FontFont files. Give it a try!

OpenType Features Added to Sample Toolbar

Phase II of our sample toolbar overhaul went live this week and we’ll hope you enjoy. You can now preview OpenType features of a font before you buy.

What’s Up with FontBook?

Like the Go-Go’s, our lips are sealed, but we can’t help but notice a new splash page on FontBook.com. Go ahead, sign up for updates.

New Font Samples in Newsletter

Did you miss our latest newsletter on Wednesday? Read it here. Then check out the new fonts from Font Bureau, Letterbox and Sudtipos.  You can subscribe to newsletters on this page to get this font deliciousness in your inbox twice a month.

On the FontFeed

Yves Peters looks at TypeCon in New Orleans, Type]Media 2011 grads, and a type-inspired commercial.

Friday Five Fonts:  Terital United by Letterbox and Salvo Sans Black by Font Bureau

Webfont Wednesday: Inspiring Webfonts

We were thrilled recently to learn that the man behind The FontFeed, our pal, Yves Peters, was selected to fill the final speaker slot at the Inspire Conference in Leiden this fall. We were even more excited to see their beautiful website’s use of FF Meta Web.

Speaking of conferences, FontShop is pleased to be a sponsor of TypeCon, taking place in New Orleans this week. We’re also buzzing about TYPO London coming up in October. Check out our newsletter for more information. The 2nd round of early bird tickets has just started!

FontShop Friday Five: New Fonts & Highlights

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

New Fonts Recap

Miss buying your new fonts for June? Visit our list.

Gallery Highlights

We pick our fave submissions to the FontShop gallery.

Swiss Miss Likes the FontFonter

Recently we told you about updates to the FontFonter. Design maven The Swiss Miss takes a look on her blog.

Speaking of Webfonts…

This week’s Webfont Wednesday looks at the use of FF Enzo Web by Impose Magazine.

Conferences Galore

Yves Peters recaps his rockstar experience at Ampersand on The Font Feed. While on the topic of conferences, FontShop is a proud sponsor of next week’s TypeCon in New Orleans.

Friday Five Fonts: Acta Symbols by DSType and Sweet Sans by Sweet

Webfont Weds: Imposing FF Enzo Web

This week we move away from Web FontFonts in the design world and into the realm of pop culture – specifically the use of FF Enzo Web over at Impose Magazine. We were definitely impressed at the use of multiple weights to add some gorgeous nuances to the site. The mix of thin and bold makes the site really “pop” to the culturally-inclined reader.

Do you have any favorite sites employing Web FontFonts? Suggest them in the comments.

Staff Picks: June ’11

Summer is almost here and instead of hitting the books and taking exams, our staff  studied the gems in the FontShop archives to find this month’s Staff Picks. Here’s a sampling of our June selections:

Refrigerator Deluxe

Aaron’s June pick is Refrigerator Deluxe by Mark Simonson. The beginnings of this design date all the way back to 1988, inspired by vague memories of block-style lettering from Mark’s youth. As time went on, additional styles and alternate glyphs were added, leading to its Deluxe release in 2008. While the basic block-style lettering remains by default, Refrigerator Deluxe can transform into a stylized Art Deco face, both with squared and open shapes, with the flick of an OpenType feature. This User Guide gives a great overview of the available glyphs and features, and how to access them in various applications.

Download Refrigerator PDF Specimen (152 KB) and User Guide (41 KB).

FF Sanuk

One of my own picks for this month, Xavier Dupré‘s FF Sanuk is deceptively buoyant: its squared veneer gives way to a calligraphic flare. Take the lowercase ‘k’, for example — the foot tails off in a friendly way that you might not expect upon first glance. FF Sanuk has perfect form and character for the web, and was recently released as a Web FontFont.

Download FF Sanuk PDF Specimen (545 KB).

Blockhead Alphabet

Theresa chose a blast from the past: Blockhead Alphabet, a classic display face from John Hersey and Emigre. One of my earliest lettering memories as a child is the pride and sense of accomplishment I felt when I discovered how to make letters look three-dimensional. (Of course, this meant that every time a class project required a poster or some other visualization, I had an extra task.) Blockhead Alphabet is reminiscent of that childhood discovery, right down to the details of imperfection.

Webfont Wednesday: Chicago Manual’s Got Style

Though “good design” and “term papers” don’t usually cross paths in our train of thought, the web designers for the Chicago Manual of Style clearly saw a relationship between the two. The result is a clean, crisp website set in FF Tisa Web and complemented by an inviting, cheerful color palette.

Chicago Manual of Style

The site is a companion piece, rather than a mere “footnote” to the printed guide, which is also set in FF Tisa. Although we aren’t too particular about citations on this blog, we couldn’t help but cite this site for Webfont Wednesday!

FontFonter Update: Preview Web FontFonts on Any Site

Almost a year ago, we first announced FontFonter, a tool which allows you to temporarily replace sans and serif fonts on almost any website with a selection of Web FontFonts. Since then, FontFont has greatly expanded its Web FontFont selection, and that expansion has carried over to FontFonter: you can now preview over 40 Web FontFonts, ranging from trusty standbys like FF DIN Web, to some of the newer designs like FF More Web and FF Sanuk Web.

The process is simple: Go to FontFonter.com, type in a website URL, and FontFont It! You’ll then be able to specify which Web FontFonts you want to preview in a control panel at the top of the page; below will be the website you entered, with the chosen fonts replacing the default fonts used for that website. You can choose to replace all fonts with a single Web FontFont, or you can specify replacements for sans and serifs, respectively.

(Note that FontFonter doesn’t quite work as expected on 100% of sites. It will not work with secure sites [https], and will occasionally conflict with some sites’ Javascript or other code.)

Here are some examples to entice you:

FF Clan Web on Apple.com

FF Milo Serif Web on Google.com

Lukasz Dziedzic‘s serif and sans siblings FF More Web (navigation, headline) and FF Good Web (body) on Guardian.co.uk

FF Spinoza Web (navigation, headlines) and FF Basic Gothic Web (body) on NPR.org

FF Suhmo Web (headlines) and FF Hydra Text Web (body) on printmag.com

FF Chambers Sans Web on Flickr.com

FF Sanuk Web on tdc.org

Safari to support WOFF in Mac OS X Lion

Steve Jobs announced a whole heckuva lot of stuff yesterday at the WWDC here in San Francisco. Between iCloud, iOS 5, and all of the new features Jobs introduced in OS X Lion, there’s a lot to be excited about.

But the most exciting feature for FontShop and its customers introduced yesterday didn’t make it into Jobs’ keynote. Hidden in this expansive feature list for Lion was this bit of gold:

Support for the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) gives web designers and developers the ability to use a wider range of fonts on websites.

What this means for us and you: soon, your Web FontFonts (as well as the recently released Azuro Web) will be supported in Safari as well as every other major browser, allowing you to comfortably host webfonts knowing that your visitors will view your website in all its typographically fine-tuned correctness.

For the uninitiated: WOFF is a file format which provides lightweight compression and the capacity for additional metadata, which can be implemented on websites using CSS @font-face rules. Developed by Jonathan Kew, Tal Leming, and Erik van Blokland, WOFF fonts are generally converted from TrueType (TTF), and can contain hinting for optimal onscreen rendering. WOFF is a recommended standard by the W3C, and is already supported in FireFox (3.6+), Chrome (6+), and Internet Explorer (9+).

Mac OS X Lion will be available in July. This gives you just enough time to browse our Web FontFont offerings and pick some new faces for your site in celebration of Safari joining the WOFF revolution.

New webfonts on the blog, and improved webfont categorization at fontshop.com

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you may have noticed a slightly new look in the past week. No we have not lost weight or gotten a haircut (thanks for asking), but instead changed the webfonts we are using for our headers and text.

The featured webfont for headers is now FF Amman Serif Web and body text is set in FF Milo Web.

Some words from our designer, Aaron, as to why he picked this pairing:

FF Amman is a distinctive Latin/Arabic family designed by Yanone in 2010. This post at the FontFeed covers the story of its unique design. I wanted to highlight a newer FontFont that isn’t used widely as a webfont (if at all), and FF Amman fit the bill perfectly.

The body text is set in Michael Abbink‘s FF Milo, a pleasant and versatile typeface with a large x-height that works well at smaller sizes on screen.

Our blog isn’t the only part of FontShop with an updated appearance. Web FontFonts are now categorized by classification for easy browsing. This will make it easier for designers to find and try out fonts to freshen up existing sites or build a new one with typography in mind.

Have you recently changed your “look” using webfonts from FontShop? Share your experience in the comments.