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Buyer’s Guide: Webfonter

Try webfonts from FontShop on any browser for free with WebFonter. With thousands of fonts to choose from, test-driving a webfont is as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Download and install the Chrome extension to preview a fresh look on even the most complex, javascript-heavy sites. Add the bookmarklet to your toolbar to preview webfonts in other browsers. Or use the launcher for just a quick try.

The best part is that WebFonter allows you to adjust, swap, and tweak font styles live in browser. Once you’ve picked the perfect fonts, you can buy a webfont license.

If you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

Buyer’s Guide: What formats are webfonts available in?

webfontformats2Typically, webfonts are available in EOT and WOFF formats — if you don’t know what these formats are, you can check out our What is EOT and WOFF? post.

FontShop‘s webfont selection is limited to the formats that the foundries supply and is not available in TTF or SVG formats. Under many of the foundries’ licensing terms, converting fonts to other formats for web use is not allowed. Always double-check a foundry’s End User License Agreement to be sure what is and isn’t allowed.

Buyer’s Guide: MULs and Extending Your Current License

A Multi-User license, MUL for short, is purchased when you need to license a font to support additional users above the basic license. To obtain the cost of an MUL, just add the product to your cart and change the number of user based on your needs. Your MUL will also support multiple geographic locations, extending the single location terms found in most EULAs.

If you have a basic license and you need to extend it to support additional users, or multiple locations, then contact FontShop. We’ll need to know your previous order number and how many users you would like to support in order to give you a quote. We can also extend web licenses, provide quotes for Mobile FontFonts, and answer additional questions you have through our help desk.

Buyer’s Guide: Can all webfonts sold on FontShop be linked to Typekit?

Currently, you can only link Web FontFonts — webfonts that begin with “FF” in their name, such as FF Meta Web or FF Suhmo Web — to your Typekit account.

Hosting with Typekit

When you purchase a Web FontFont, you will be given a voucher code that links your Web FontFonts to your Typekit account. Send your Web FontFonts to Typekit by clicking on the link given to you when your purchase is complete. When you click on this link, you should be taken to a page that should look something like this:

At this point, you will be able to double-check to make sure you are linking the correct Web FontFonts to your Typekit account. You can then sign in to your Typekit account or create a new account.

If you don’t find a yellow box with a link to send your webfonts to Typekit when you’ve completed your purchase, you can still use webfonts. Remember, Typekit is completely optional and all webfonts on FontShop can be self-hosted!

Buyer’s Guide: Am I buying a webfont?

Not all fonts on FontShop are available as webfonts. If you’re wondering whether you’re adding a webfont to your cart or not, here are a few things to look out for that will let you know you’re licensing the right kind of fonts:

1. Web Badges

When you do a general search for a font, several options may come up in the search results. Webfonts are easy to spot because they have Web Badges — a blue one in the upper right hand corner of a font listing and a gray one next to the price.

2. Font Name

Besides having badges to indicate if the font is a webfont, a webfont will have the word “Web” in its name.

3. Webfont Formats

Webfonts are usually available in two formats: WOFF and EOT. If you see anything else listed under Formats — like OT, TT, OT/TT, or PS — then you are not looking at a webfont!

4. Pricing By Pageviews

When you’re ready to checkout, there is one more way to ensure you’re licensing webfonts. Webfonts are priced based on pageviews per month, not the number of users who will be using the fonts. Instead of having to enter the number of users you need to license as you would with desktop fonts, you will need to choose a pricing tier based on the number of pageviews per month your website generates.

If you’re ready to get some webfonts, you can browse our selection of webfonts here!

Theresa’s Tip: A Designer’s Guide to Webfonts

You’ve heard about Web FontFonts, but if you’re still not sure what they are and how to use them then don’t fret. FontShop created a guide to get you up to date on what webfonts are and how to use Web FontFonts. Just go to our education page to view the guide online and if you need to brush up on your typography then we have guides for that too.

You can also download the PDF here.