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Pinterested: Lucky fonts for the weekend

pinterest-keepcalmandhobbitonIf you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend and need some Irish fonts for any reason at all, well, you’d have a grand time revisiting our Keep Calm & Hobbiton pinboard we created last year — there’s still a wealth of uncial fonts for you to dig through.

Like a pot o’ gold, this pinboard has loads of typographic treasures like FF Lukrezia from FontFont’s FF Script Type 2 OT package and the P22 Kells Set. So, before you head out to a pub, try some of these uncial faces in FontShop’s Plugin! Sláinte!

Pinterested: New board this week

pinterest-hobbiton This week, we have one new board that’ll take you into a whole new (or perhaps familiar to some?) world filled with greenery. In honor of the first installment of Bilbo Baggins’ adventures, our Keep Calm & Hobbiton pinboard steps into Middle Earth and offers a piece of the Shire during this holiday season!


Not only will you find uncial fonts such as Electric Typographer’s Abelard & Troubador, but images of lush foliage, mushrooms (among halflings’ favorite things!), and misty mountains from fStop Images may take you on an unexpected journey. Adventure through Middle Earth by way of typography and discover great faces such as Lombardic Capitals and Elizabeth. Remember to Keep Calm & Hobbiton!