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Watch Livestreams from TYPO Berlin

logo-typoberlinTYPO Berlin Touch kicks off tomorrow (Thursday) and no matter where in the world you are, you can participate. Watch six livestreams throughout the conference (all times Central European):

Thursday, May 16th

Friday, May 17th:

Saturday, May 18th:

Dispatches from TYPO Berlin

The original TYPO kicks off tomorrow (Thursday) in Berlin and some of the TYPO San Francisco team is here to observe and get inspired for next year. If you can’t be here, don’t dismay, six talks will be livestreamed around the globe.

Stay tuned to Typotalks.com/Berlin to view:

Thursday, May 17

16:00 (7am PST) Daniel van der Velden

20:00 (11am PST) Lars Müller (In German)

Friday, May 18

16:00 (7am PST) Nat Hunter

20:00 (11am PST) Matthew Butterick

Saturday, May 19

11:00 (2am PST) Lupi Asensio, Martin Lorenz

19:00 (10am PST) Jessica Hische

Also watch Twitter and their blog (mostly in German) for frequent updates.