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New Fonts This Week

New Fonts


Remsen Script by Three Island Press





Filson by Mostardesign Studio


LeanO FY by FONTYOU now with italics




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New Fonts This Week

Dark Angel by Alphabet Soup
Casanova Script by Elsner+Flake
Vianova by Elsner+Flake

More from Elsner+Flake: Aniene, Besty, Bilbo, Bluset, Caligari, Deco, Didima, Epoche, Eurasia, Fairy Tale, Gimli, Gloin, Hot Dot, Jeannes Script, Materia, Novice, Redot, Reimig Brush, Siegel, Tante Emma.

Nota1 by ParaType
Terra Ignota by Three Islands Press
Webfonts Available


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New Fonts This Week (continued)

We mistakenly overlooked in our updates these four new display faces from Three Islands Press. An extra dose of new font goodness for you this week!

Three Islands Press

Cedar Street by Brian Willson

and three more:

Oak Street
Speed Bump