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Sys 2.0 by Fabrizio Schiavi

Fabrizio Schiavi’s Sys has been updated to 2.0. In developing it, his goal was to create a versatile font family that functions well both in print and on screen. Schiavi took the ubiquitous system fonts Verdana and Geneva as models, since they read reliably on screen in sizes as small as six points. The basic shapes of the letters are geometric. The proportions of Sys 2.0 take FF DIN and FF Isonorm as models.

Schiavi placed ink traps, small recesses into the acute angles of the letterforms, to prevent clotting at small point sizes. In introducing these ink traps, Schiavi realized an interesting side effect that arose once manual hinting was applied. The clarity of the letterforms benefited enormously as a result, and readability on screen and in print improved considerably.

The OpenType TrueType features of the family are particularly suited to corporate communications. Download a PDF explaining all of Sys 2.0’s features.

About the designer: Italian Fabrizio Schiavi works across disciplines. He designs fonts, websites, brands … in short, anything that furthers communication. His clients include Ferrari, CP Company, Mandarina Duck, Philip Morris, Expanded Music, MTV, Nike, Stone Iceland, Beretta and more.

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