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Buyer’s Guide: Cleaning your Font Cache

Are your fonts looking garbled or acting wonky for no reason? Do you think it’s possibly the new font that you installed causing issues, even though it worked perfectly last week? Or are fonts mysteriously missing from your drop down menu in one program, but appear in another? If you said yes to any of the above questions then you may have to clean your Font Cache.


Here are some ways to clean your cache, please note that you will have to restart your computer after cleaning. So, save and quit all programs beforehand.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

The Windows operating system has a font cache file that is located here:


Delete this file, and restart your system. A new FNTCACHE.DAT file will be created on startup.

Mac OS X

Our support team recommends Font Finagler or Font Nuke to help cleanse your system’s cache. Check out our help section for more details on how to use Font Finagler to clear your Font Cache.

Once you’ve cleared your font cache, you’ll want to open a few programs to make sure that your fonts are behaving. Everything should be back to normal, but if it isn’t you can always contact FontShop for help.

Buyer’s Guide: Contact Us

Every year FontShop adds more foundries, new fonts, and tools to help you find the perfect font for you project. We also know that it can get a bit overwhelming to sort through all the products and features we offer, so we added a Contact Us tab.


It is always located on the right and you can find a person to chat with or submit a support request.


We  look forward to working with you in the new year.

Buyer’s Guide: What is the FontShop Plugin?

The FontShop Plugin lets you preview 150,000+ fonts in popular Adobe® Creative Suite® programs for free!


We know you’ll fall in love with it.

So download the free FontShop Plugin today and start tagging fonts to create preview layers!

Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a Webfont

Update April 2016: Recent changes to the FontShop website have temporarily made this automated “Bring Your Own License to Typekit”unavailable. To use your Web FontFonts on Typekit, visit your order history and click the green button to request a Typekit web voucher.


We’re rounding up previous guides to help you demystify licensing webfonts on FontShop.

Need help finding webfonts on our site?

Read am I buying a webfont?

Confused about what webfont formats are and how to use them?

Then check out what is EOT or WOFF.

Don’t know the difference between a desktop license and a webfont license?

Read up  on how our webfonts are licensed.

Do you have a Typekit account and you want to link your webfonts to your account?

Then find out if your webfont can be linked to Typekit.


Buyer’s Guide: OpenType Feature Controls

Last week we went over the Character Set tab and how you can view OpenType features that are available within a font. But did you know you can test OpenType features in the Custom Sample Tool Bar? To access the additional controls, click on the gear icon located on any page that shows renders.

Then read up on how to use OpenType Feature Controls here .

Buyer’s Guide: Character Set

Located on every product page, the Character Set tab will show you every glyph that is available within a specific font. Since an OpenType font can contain over 65,000+ characters, this feature will help you scan through a font quickly for particular features you need. We’ll use FF Tisa Sans Pro Regular as an example. A quick glance shows that there are 892 glyphs that make up the font.

Previewing each and every glyph can be tedious so we’ve listed all the OpenType features available within the font. Just click on a feature to filter a specific Character Set view. As you can see below, FF Tisa Sans Pro Regular has true Small Caps.

Try it today when you’re making your font selection. If you don’t see a feature you need, then feel free to contact FontShop for help.

Buyer’s Guide: FontList

Do you love fonts and lists? Then FontLists were made just for you. Curated by FontShop experts, these lists may help you find the fonts you need.

Use it to find fonts by Alternates, Genre, Award Winners and more.

Buyer’s Guide: History

With over 150,000 fonts to choose from, FontShop is a great place to browse for the perfect typeface you need. To help you with your journey we created the History section.

The History section, located in the upper right corner of FontShop, keeps track each font or product that you view on our site. If you’re logged in, then up to 250 products can be stored. Use it when you want to go back and see a font you may have forgotten to add to your Favorites.

Buyer’s Guide: Favorites and Tagging

Saving your favorite fonts on FontShop is easy. On every product we license you can click on the star icon to add the font to your Favorites.

You can access your starred fonts by clicking on Favorites in the right hand corner of FontShop.

When you’re in your Favorites, you can also add tags to all the fonts you’ve gathered. These tags are only visible to you when you are logged into your account.

You can use tags to group script fonts, compare fonts for particular project, or even bundle them in specific genres.

You’ll need to have an account to store your favorite fonts, so sign up for account now. If you already have an account, make sure you’re logged in.

Buyer’s Guide: Get Help

Finding the perfect typeface for your project doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve loaded FontShop with lots of tools to help you with your journey and we’ll go over those tools in upcoming Buyer’s Guide posts. But if you need help right away, here are a few tips.

Need to find a quick answer about the fonts we license? Just click the HELP link, located on the top right corner of FontShop.

Are you trying to find a the name of the typeface your client is asking you to use, but you have no idea what it is? Send an image to Research for assistance.

Do you need a formal quote or would you like to pay by invoice? Contact Sales.

Have a general question, but you don’t know where to send it. That’s easy! Send it to Info.

FontShop is always here to help.

Buyer’s Guide: FontShop Plugin Gems

Did you download the FontShop Plugin yet? Well here are some tips to help you use it in Adobe Photoshop CS5. I’ll go over two features to assist you in finding similar fonts and how you can use tags to help you compare typefaces in a single document.

First choose a typeface, for this example I’ve picked FF Tisa OT Bold Italic. Then click on the find similar icon which is highlighted in the image below.

You should get a list of similar fonts.

Add tags to the typefaces that you want to try out. If you want to string a few words together then use an underscore instead of spaces like in my example.

I know it’s hard to choose just one, but tagging multiples is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Now you have a mini collection of similar fonts tagged in your Favorites section.

Once you’re ready to use the fonts then you can click on the tag and you’ll see a list that you can use to create multiple preview layers within a single document.

Please note that every time you create a preview, the visible text layer is turned off. So just turn on the text layer you want on to create a new preview layer. All preview layers are labeled with the name of the typeface that is being rendered.

Wasn’t that super easy? This plugin is amazing!

Theresa’s Tips: FontShops and where they live

I’m back to offer some tips for you in 2012! My previous post went over the different sites FontShop is connected with, but did you know where all the FontShop offices live? No? Well, let’s clear that up right now.

There are four main FontShop offices and if you need help with anything you can contact your local FontShop for support.

FontShop AG – Supports all customers in Germany.
email: Info@FontShop.de
twitter: @Fontblog

FontShop BeNeLux
– Supports all customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
email: Info@FontShop.be
twitter: @FontShopBeNeLux

FontShop Austria – Supports all customers in Austria.
email: Office@FontShop.at

FontShop San Francisco – Supports all North and South America, plus the rest of the world.
email: Info@FontShop.com
twitter: @FontShop

You can also give us a call!

Theresa’s Tips: Review

It’s time to highlight and link to all the previous tips, so if you haven’t been following them then here’s what you’ve missed. We started with brief introduction to the formats that FontShop offers then delved into three features of the site: History, Favorites, and the Shopping Cart.

We kept the ball rolling with an overview of the tabs you see on a product page that allow you to view specimens and even similar typefaces.

There is even a way to see if the typeface you want to license supports a specific language.

And if you’ve been following my tips you should now know where to find licenses, get an overview of your shopping cart, and obtain a quote.

One more thing, the My Account section is another area that is overlooked, so we covered that as well. Why? Because FontShop stores all your account information here and if you wanted to change a password, view your license agreement, or download your fonts again then you can.

We also have a Help Desk, where we go over common questions customers have asked us in the past. Now you’re up to date with all the previous post.