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New Fonts This Week

New Fonts

P22 Amelia Jayne by IHOF

newfonts105_Amelia Jayne


Voltage by Laura Worthington



Hickory by Filmotype

newfonts105_Filmotype Hickory


Western by Filmotype

newfonts105_Filmotype Western


Urban Grotesk by Suitcase

newfonts105_Urban Grotesk


Continuing Promotions

Entire library by Typefolio30% off through Aug 13

Brando by Bold Monday30% off through Aug 15

Orgon by Hoftype50% off through Aug. 18

Fixen FY by FONTYOU50% off through Aug 21

Zennat by Latinotype – 80% off through Aug. 21

Macarons by Latinotype75% off through Aug. 21

Modernica by Latinotype – 80% off through Aug. 21

Supra Classic by Wiescher 50% off through Aug. 21

Belleville FY by FONTYOU30% off until Aug. 24

Horizontes Script by Sudtipos30% off through Aug. 30

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New Fonts This Week

Ladislav by Suitcase
Trim Mono by Letters From Sweden
Webfonts Availabletrim-mono
Melody Family by Filmotype
Hemlock by Filmotype
Triplex Sans CE + Greek by Emigre
Triplex Serif CE + Greek by Emigre

Continuing Promotions

Grota by Latinotype$19 until 28 August

Lavigne Text, Lavigne Display, Medusa, and Winco by ReType30% off until 31 August

Webfonts Available

Sudtipos Collection30% off until 31 August, promo code: TYPECON

Herman Mono Bold Italic Pop and Bex Light Pro by Geen BitterFREE until 1 September

Zulia Pro by Sudtipos30% off until 7 September

Analfabeto, Designal, Frankie Dos, and Peter Sellers by Type–Ø–Tones20% off until 30 September

New Fonts This Week

No, really! This week we’re bringing you new members of a few great families: Grit Gothic & Grit Sans from Baseline Fonts, and Tabac Mono & Tabac Slab from Suitcase.

Rosetta Type Foundry’s latest, Arek, is 25% until April 5th.

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Baseline Fonts

Grit Gothic
Grit Sans


Tabac Mono
Tabac Slab