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Buyer’s Guide: New Search

FontShop recently launched a new feature that changes the way search works on the site. We wanted to make it easier for you to scan the results and quickly narrow down your search visually.

Let’s go over the changes so that you can optimize your search results. For this example, we will be searching for the font Blender by Gestaltensearch-for-blenderWhen you search for a font you will bring up a page that shows the family or families that a particular font belongs to. For clarification, a family is a collection of related typefaces which share common design traits, common name, and are from the same foundry.

Blender is associated with only one family, which is made of up 100 items and that includes webfont options. To view all the items available for Blender you can click on See Family.

family-pagesAt the top of the family page there are multiple sort options, including product and format to help narrow down the results even more. This is especially helpful on large families. For instance, if you know that you are looking for an OpenType format, filter the family results with the OpenType format button.

If you need to search for a single font then I recommend filtering the products by singles, font format, and sorting by weight and width. We’ll go over searching for singles in depth in the next guide.

We hope you like the new search and if you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

Introducing FontShop Search with Live Results

You asked for more search functionality on FontShop.com and we listened. Today we’re excited to launch search with live results on the site.

Once you’ve typed in at least three characters, font products will appear in the menu, sorted based on popularity. As you type, the search can tell the difference between designer, foundry, family and will group the results accordingly.

For example, if you start typing in “FF l” you’ll get a list beginning with the light weight of FF Din OT.

We hope this helps simplify your experience on the site and makes searching efficient and seamless, so you can get back to putting these fonts to work. Tell us what you think of this feature in the comments below.

FontBook Features: Beautiful Search

Now that we’ve unleashed the FontBook iPad app on the world, we want to take some time to show you all the goodies packed inside. Watch for our FontBook Features posts throughout the coming weeks. Also, remember if you have general questions about app, we’ll keep our FAQs documented here.

Today we want to point out the easy and beautiful search function built into the app. Just select the magnifying glass on the top bar on any page in the app. You can search by font family, designer or foundry. And remember the app is gorgeous in either portrait or landscape! Try it yourself and see how the samples auto-populate and rearrange as you refine your search.

Search by Foundry

Search by Font Family

Search by Designer