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Countdown: R

Marking 18 days prior to the coming end of the world is R, set in Jim Parkinson’s Modesto. Though taken from the sign-painter tradition, Modesto is one of my favorite alternatives to the ubiquitous Copperplate Gothic. Its balanced, warm letterforms come in three widths, an initial outline, and an inline ‘Open Caps’ variant.

R, set in Modesto

Typographic Countdown — 14 Days Left ’til 2012

R is for Roman. That’s who we can credit for giving us the R as we know it. Prior to the Etruscan civilization’s downfall, R looked much like P. The late Etruscans added a small mark descending below the bowl at the stem. To draw further distinction the Romans extended this tail to the baseline.

Rhode Black by David Berlow makes up for lack of space by slimming down interior strokes, like here in R.