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Countdown: Q

More doom and gloom on the FontShop blog today as we count down to the certain death and destruction that coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar. Getting us this far, is q, set in Fernando Mello’s FS Pimlico. You’ll find included in the Pimlico package a special cut of its black weight called Pimlico Glow. Allow the highlights to show through to their background, as we’ve done here, or layer the two fonts for highlights set in an arbitrary color.

q, set in Pimlico Glow

Typographic Countdown — 15 Days Left ’til 2012

Q concludes our set of letters that sound too much like K. It’s for this specific reason that Q has had difficulty staying in a given alphabet, like in Greek (Qoppa) where it  serves as a numeral symbol only. The Phoenician Qoph seems to be the first discovered pairing of the shape and the sound. The tail of the Q in Mark van Bronkhorst’s Sweet Sans Hairline purposely and expertly pierces the plane of its round.