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This post is part of a daily series that adds one ornament per day to our blog, up till the new year.


Pedro Leal & Dino dos Santos’s Diversa is unique both in terms of appearance and usability. It combines nine styles in a single font – unbracketed and bracketed serifs, stencil, engraved, sans and slab, baroque, stencil sans and slab serif, and a stylistic set that rotates them all.

The Ornament Series is produced collaboratively by David Sudweeks and Yves Peters.

Typographic Countdown — 26 Days ’til the New Year

Funny that the Phoenicians, who had a perfectly serviceable F decided to spell it with a P-H. Their F historically represented a hook on the end of a staff and made a sound like a V. Of course in english we haven’t rid ourselfes ov making the two letters interchangeable for the sounds.

Careful not to confuse ‘long s’, ſ, for lowercase f, as many people, and most OCR programs do. Long s often has a lead-in stroke, but never has a crossbar. The character fell out of disuse starting in the late 18th century. Unless you’re typesetting a historical or period work, you may never touch one.

Pedro Leal’s Penna delicately writes our F in a formal calligraphic style.