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Parry and Parry Grotesque


At the risk of turning this blogging business into a commercial venture, I’d like to announce that today’s great pair was suggested by Rudy Geeraerts of OurType, and that its publishing corresponds to OurType’s set of Wedding Month Great Pairs, meaning that this specific pair, Parry and Parry Grotesque, is selling at 50% off right now; all packages and singles. And by the way, every package includes webfonts as part of the basic license. It’s a fine deal, to understate it.Parry-and-Parry-Grotesque-2


And what I love about Parry is its incredibly grounded, correspondence type feel. The kind you get looking at a page of text produced with a manual typewriter. In all weights its low contrast serves to lend candor and relatability to its message.


Parry-and-Parry-Grotesque-6The companion sans, Parry Grotesque translates the energy of the serifed face into its natural sans equivalent, a charming English grotesque, and to the extent it can, plays up the monolinear aspect of the design. This is really a smart move on the part of its designer, Artur Schmal, allowing each face to perform successfully in a broad range of sizes.


Putting these two together creates uninterrupted effervescence. To say that they were made for each other would be to state the obvious, which I happily do. This is a fun relationship that’s built to last. And to reiterate: these are on sale this week.

OurType Wedding Month Promotion

OurType is running their own set of great pairs this month, with half-off promotional pricing for a different pair each week. This week, get Corbeau & Tiina at 50% off. As always with OurType fonts, each package comes with webfonts included.

promo_week1 corbeautiina

Corbeau & Tiina

promo_week2 parru parry_grotesque

Parry & Parry Grotesque

promo_week3edward fayon

Edward & Fayon

promo_week4 meret stan

Meret & Stan/Stan Plus

Youthful: Parry and ARS Maquette

ARS Maquette, Parry

Striking what I see as a youthful balance is this pairing of Artur Schmal’s Parry and Angus R. Shamal’s ARS Maquette. Parry follows a traditional 18th-century text construction, but encourages rather than restrains certain of its elements from wobbling off axis, resulting in a sensitive and playful face.

Parry, ARS MaquetteARS Maquette, Parry

ARS Maquette is an almost geometric grotesque, providing just what Parry needs to support this kind of a relationship. I would encourage the typographer to explore Parry’s display capabilities, at both the very light and heavy ends of its weight spectrum. And of course, Parry has its own grotesque should you decide to go for a more British flavor, or allow the serif face to play the more distinguished role.

Parry, ARS Maquette