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Countdown: O

Yes, if you haven’t heard, ours and all other businesses will be closed on Dec. 21st, due to the end of the world. Leading us toward disaster today is O, set in Ryoichi Tsunekawa’s Deluta Black, one of the truly great playful blackletters. There are others. Deluta Black’s roused, topheavy forms bounce as the reader’s eye walks them across the page.

O, set in Deluta

Typographic Countdown — 17 Days Left ’til 2012

Up next is O. The letter’s form has changed little from the Phoenician ’ayin, which depicts an eye. Yes, ’ayin starts with an apostrophe. The Greeks, who pioneered the concept of vowels, separated O into small and large versions (both capital letters) called Omikron and Omega.

O’s stroke freely flows and remains open in FF Mister K Informal by Julia Sysmäläinen.