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Buyer’s Guide: Basic Licenses and MULs

Are you following FontShop’s EULA Highlights? If so, then you are familiar with basic licenses for desktop use. If not, then a basic license is the initial cost to license a font so that you can use it within the terms of the EULA. But did you know that you can extend the basic license to add additional users?

A Multi-User license, MUL for short, is purchased when you need to support additional users above the basic license. MULs may also support multiple geographic locations, extending the single location terms found in most EULAs.


Once you’ve added a font to your cart, you can extend your basic license by changing the number of users that you need to support. For this example we’ve used Bookmania from Mark Simonson Studio.

Changing the number of users in your cart will re-calculate the cost of the license and the tier that you fall into. As you can see, the cart re-calculates to a 10 user license if support for 6 users for Bookmania is needed.

If you’ve purchased a basic license in the past and you need to extend it to support additional users, or multiple locations, then email FontShop’s Support Team to extend your current license.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Extend Your Current License

Does your current font license support your needs? If not, then FontShop can help you find out. Send a message to Sales with your questions and we’ll help you sort everything out.


You may need a Multi-User license, MUL for short, if you purchased a basic license in the past and your company has grown and needs to accomodate multiple locations or additional users.

We can also help you extend your license to support web and mobile.

Buyer’s Guide: What is a EULA?

An End User License Agreement, EULA (pronounced ‘yoo-la’) for short, are the terms that you agree to when you license a font on FontShop. EULAs tell you what you can and can’t do with your software.

They can vary slightly from foundry to foundry and we’ve added shortcuts on each product page for your convenience.

Please keep in mind that a Basic License can always be extended to a Multi-User license. Webfonts are licensed based on the number of pageviews your site receives in a month. And if you find that the EULA can’t support your needs, then please contact us and we’ll find a solution for you.

Buyer’s Guide: Extend Your License to Support Web and Mobile

In the past you only had to worry about basic desktop licenses, webfont choices were limited to system fonts, and designing for mobile apps wasn’t a priority. Now you have to worry about supporting all three: desktop, web, and mobile.

But don’t worry, FontShop has got you covered!

You can purchase a basic desktop license that allows a font to live on your computer. The software is installed on your system so that you can use the font in various programs, but this license doesn’t include support for web or mobile.

Webfont licenses allow fonts to live on your site using the CSS @font-face rule. Take a look at how we label our webfont products and view our webfont license guide for primers on finding and purchasing webfonts.

Finally, mobile licenses allow a developer to include Mobile FontFonts into multiple apps, the license is perpetual, and they have web and desktop counterparts.

If you can’t find the license you are looking for, FontShop’s support is always here to help.