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Pinterested: New pins this week

pinterest-newpins2152013In case you’ve been too kerned on by this week’s Typographic Turn-ons series to notice any other news, we’ve pinned some New & Noteworthy things on Pinterest for you.

We have a lot of promotions going on this month that you don’t want to miss — some are pinned for you to check out, including Laura Worthington’s Mandevilla Family and Latinotype’s Australis. If you’re still sweating for swashes at this point, though, we’ve collected our fontastic love stories in a Typographic Turn-ons pinboard to go back to time and time again.

New Fonts This Week

We’re excited to share lots of new faces with you this week as well as welcome a new foundry to the FontShop library, Laura Worthington.

We have a wealth of promotions for you this month as well. Get 30% off Moretype’s Rehn & Rehn Condensed until February 28. Bellissima Script and Bellissima Script Redux by Sudtipos is 30% off until March 2. Cape Arcona Type Foundry’s CA Oskar Family is also 30% off until February 26. Get Laura Worthington’s Mandevilla Family at three weights for the price of one until March 1. Latinotype’s Australis is at a $60 intro price until March 11.

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New foundry Laura Worthington


Mandevilla (3 weights for the price of 1)



See all Laura Worthington fonts »

Canada Type


Common Comic


Fellowship OT


Wilke Kursiv

Cape Arcona Type Foundry


CA Oskar Family



Australis (Intro price $60 until March 11)

Schiavi Design


Sys Falso

Stephen Rapp Lettering Design


New Cuisine


Slapjack Family