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Malabar and Versa Sans




There’s something nice and earthy about Dan Reynolds’s Malabar with Peter Verheul’s Versa Sans. At size and set in a body, Malabar’s sparkle is made a quiet fire. Its rationalized posture and renaissance details, along with its tall x-height and eased fit produce a text face both sophisticated and grounded. Marrying this with Versa Sans, the slightly de-thorned model of its namesake Dutch humanist face, each takes on a nicely plainspoken quality.


Shown at the same size here, 8/12 pt, one can see how comparatively big on the body Malabar is.


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Typographic Countdown — 21 Days ’til the New Year

Open broadly your left hand and spread your fingers wide. Looking at your palm you now see what was initially represented by the letter K. Upon closer inspection, I seem to have one too many fingers. K probably represented the right hand though, since ours is a reflection of the Phoenician alphabet, which read from right to left.

In Malabar Pro by Dan Reynolds, the k lets some light in by allowing the counters to push open the join between the stem and diagonal strokes.