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New Fonts This Week

Magallanes Condensed by LatinotypeMagallanes Condensed
Marianina FY by FONTYOUMarianina
MJ Ngai by LinotypeMJ Ngai
Cruz Script by Cruz Fonts
Cruz Script
Xenois Sans, Xenois Semi, and Xenois Serif by LinotypeXenois
Urtext Leipzig 1770 by Urtext Music FontsUrtext Leipzig 1770
Urtext Leipzig 1803 by Urtext Music FontsUrtext Leipzig 1803
Booster FY by FONTYOUBooster
Gauthier FY by FONTYOUGauthier
Excritura by LinotypeExcritura
Akhbar by LinotypeAkhbar
Fruitygreen by LinotypeFruitygreen
Meroe by LinotypeMeroe
Beaurencourt FY by FONTYOU

Continuing Promotions

MVB Solitaire by MvB Fonts20% off until 5 November

In a Jar by Latinotype $39 until 13 November

Magallanes Condensed by Latinotype80% off until 20 November

Blok, Scissorgirl, Ebu Script, and Surreal Post Indian by Type-Ø-Tones20% off until 30 November

Essential Pragmata Bold Pro by Schiavi DesignNow $49 (desktop) and $47 (webfont)

Kyrial Sans Pro Regular by MostardesignFREE

New Fonts This Week

This week we have two new Linotype faces as well as some great deals we’d like to share with you. Indian Type Foundry offers 50% off promotional pricing on its Latin fonts Kohinoor and Engrez until January 17. Take a look at Linotype’s Agmena Paneuropean W1G and Club Type below, and as always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories.



Agmena Paneuropean W1G


Club Type Std Complete Pack

New Fonts This Week

Check it out! This week we have a nice variety of fresh new faces. Be sure to check out the latest deal on Civita Light OT from Hoftype, it’s FREE! As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories. Now for all the latest from the following foundries:

New Foundry

Vette Letters (VLNL)



VLNL Neue Sardines






Heisei Std

Kozuka Mincho Pr6N Std


Classic Grotesque Pro

New Fonts This Week

All these fresh faces just arrived this week. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories on these. Now for all the latest from the following foundries:


Wood Bonnet Antique No 7

Device Fonts

Capitol Pro , Capitol Skyline Pro

Ember Regular

Korolev / Compressed / Condensed / Korolev Italic

Maraschino Black


Neue Aachen


C Gu Yin PRC


M Metallic Hei PRC
M Stiff Hei PRC
M Stream PRC
Cariola Script
Coomeec Pro
Levato Pro


David Hadash
Fencing Regular
Koorkin Pro
Terminax Regular
Titanium Motors

Staff Picks, January 2012

January Staff Picks are in. As you may know, our staff here at FontShop regularly brings a few of its lesser-known offerings to the fore for a discussion on what makes great type great. Here are a few of the selections followed by their letters of recommendation.

Star picks Eastside from Elsner+Flake

“I dig the silhouettes it makes with short strings in larger sizes. In longer paragraphs in smaller sizes it acts almost like an optical illusion – jumbled until you make out the first word or two.”

Theresa picks Lemonade from Linotype

“Fun Script. Reminds me of practicing my letters in school and trying to make them perfect.”

Meghan picks Capri by Felix Braden, published by Fountain

“Just love the g in Capri.”

Nice Price Collection from Linotype Creative Alliance Fonts

“A great little collection of fonts – at great prices – for scrapbookers, educators, home and small business users. These distinctive designs and your operating system fonts combine perfectly to tackle a wide variety of projects.”

That’s how Linotype describes their recently-packaged Nice Price Collection from their Creative Alliance brand. With nearly 150 fonts to choose from, priced individually at $5 USD, this is a good collection to revisit and sample for designers on a budget.

Check out hidden gems like:


East Bloc by Grant Hutchinson

Radiant Condensed by R. Hunter Middleton

What are your favorite Nice Price fonts?