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Buyer’s Guide: OurType EULA

We’re introducing a new series for buyers. Every month we will pick two foundries from FontShop and highlight key points that you should pay attention to in their EULA.


The first foundry we’ll highlight is OurType because of their exceptional basic EULA that allows web and mobile embedding. Yes, I said their basic EULA allows you to embed the font you licensed into one (1) website and one (1) mobile app. The standard license also allows embedding the fonts into PDFs and e-Publications! Since OurType delivers OpenType, TrueType, and EOT/WOFF files with their product you’ll have everything that you’ll need to create documents, a web site, and a mobile app.

Now for the fun part. The basic license allows OurType fonts to be used in a single (1) location for up to 5 users, but you can extend the license to support additional locations and users. You can not share the fonts with third parties that do not have a license for the same fonts. And you can not send the font files to a service bureau or a printer, but you can deliver your files as press-ready PDFs with the fonts embedded. If your website or mobile app allows users to create content using the font, then an additional license (Online Editing-Publishing) will need to be issued.

Phew! Hope you got all of that. If you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

EULA highlights will be posted every other Monday. Stay tuned for Dalton Maag.

Buyer’s Guide: Finding the End User License Agreement


Here at FontShop, we have thousands of fonts. In turn, we sell fonts from many different foundries. Each foundry has their own End User License Agreement (EULA), which is important to read before purchasing a font.

There are a couple different ways to find the EULA for a font. If you know the foundry of the font you’re interested in, you can go to our Licenses page, which lists out every EULA by foundry.

You can also find a link to a font’s EULA at the bottom of its product’s page:


End User License Agreements are rules to follow when you want to use a font. You’ll want to keep in mind that you are not purchasing the typeface itself, but a license to use the font software. Don’t forget to read the EULA!

Buyer’s Guide: How to Extend Your Current License

Does your current font license support your needs? If not, then FontShop can help you find out. Send a message to Sales with your questions and we’ll help you sort everything out.


You may need a Multi-User license, MUL for short, if you purchased a basic license in the past and your company has grown and needs to accomodate multiple locations or additional users.

We can also help you extend your license to support web and mobile.

Buyer’s Guide: Buying Fonts For Others

For those of you who have designers in your family or friends that would light up at the idea of some new swashes to play around with in Illustrator this holiday season, how about getting them a font that they’ve had their eye on? This may also be the chance to license some fonts for your parents to replace those dreaded system defaults on their old computer sitting in the living room at home.

If you’re thinking that licensing a typeface like Aranjuez Pro may be the best present for your loved ones, be sure that their name and address is under the Licensee Address information before placing your order — they will need to be licensed to use the font before you send it to them, so don’t forget to double-check this part!


Once you’ve added the fonts to your cart and entered your payment information, you’ll be able to change the Licensee information when you review your order on the Order Confirmation page. The Licensee Address will default to the primary address listed in your account, so you’ll need to change it if it’s still under your name. A link to change the Licensee Address will be under the second section with the Address Information; when you click to edit the Licensee info, you’ll be able to enter the new information. Be sure to fill in all required details!


When you’re done entering the new license address, click on the “Next” button and you’ll be able to complete your order. Since you’ll be getting the download link after completing your purchase, you’ll need to download the ZIP file with a copy of the EULA to give as a gift — send it off in an email the night before Christmas and wait for a fresh design with the newly licensed typeface!

Take a look at our Bestsellers and New Fonts to get some ideas of which fonts may be the best to gift this holiday season!

Buyer’s Guide: How to buy a Webfont

Update April 2016: Recent changes to the FontShop website have temporarily made this automated “Bring Your Own License to Typekit”unavailable. To use your Web FontFonts on Typekit, visit your order history and click the green button to request a Typekit web voucher.


We’re rounding up previous guides to help you demystify licensing webfonts on FontShop.

Need help finding webfonts on our site?

Read am I buying a webfont?

Confused about what webfont formats are and how to use them?

Then check out what is EOT or WOFF.

Don’t know the difference between a desktop license and a webfont license?

Read up  on how our webfonts are licensed.

Do you have a Typekit account and you want to link your webfonts to your account?

Then find out if your webfont can be linked to Typekit.


Buyer’s Guide: What is a EULA?

An End User License Agreement, EULA (pronounced ‘yoo-la’) for short, are the terms that you agree to when you license a font on FontShop. EULAs tell you what you can and can’t do with your software.

They can vary slightly from foundry to foundry and we’ve added shortcuts on each product page for your convenience.

Please keep in mind that a Basic License can always be extended to a Multi-User license. Webfonts are licensed based on the number of pageviews your site receives in a month. And if you find that the EULA can’t support your needs, then please contact us and we’ll find a solution for you.

Buyer’s Guide: Extend Your License to Support Web and Mobile

In the past you only had to worry about basic desktop licenses, webfont choices were limited to system fonts, and designing for mobile apps wasn’t a priority. Now you have to worry about supporting all three: desktop, web, and mobile.

But don’t worry, FontShop has got you covered!

You can purchase a basic desktop license that allows a font to live on your computer. The software is installed on your system so that you can use the font in various programs, but this license doesn’t include support for web or mobile.

Webfont licenses allow fonts to live on your site using the CSS @font-face rule. Take a look at how we label our webfont products and view our webfont license guide for primers on finding and purchasing webfonts.

Finally, mobile licenses allow a developer to include Mobile FontFonts into multiple apps, the license is perpetual, and they have web and desktop counterparts.

If you can’t find the license you are looking for, FontShop’s support is always here to help.

Buyer’s Guide: Basic Licensing for Desktop Use

When you license a font you want to make sure that you pay attention to what your needs are and how to support those needs by purchasing the correct license. We previously went over how webfonts are licensed, but here’s a refresher in how desktop licensing works.

A basic license is the initial cost to license a font. The End User License Agreement, EULA for short, are the terms that you agree to when you license the font. Each foundry has their own EULA and because we have over 100+ foundries, we’ve added a shortcut to every font’s license at the bottom of their product page.

Most desktop EULAs will support up to 5 concurrent users at a single geographic location. But if you need to support more users or additional locations than the EULA allows, you can always extend your license by purchasing an Multi-User license. We’ll go over MULs and extending your basic license next week.

Theresa’s Tips: Buying Fonts for Others

It’s never too early to think about purchasing a gift for a loved one this holiday season and sometimes trying to find something for the creative individual on your list can be daunting. So how about purchasing a license for a typeface on their want list?

For example, I’m purchasing Filmotype Gay OT for a friend and I want to make sure that the license is under their name. Once I’ve placed the product in my cart and entered the payment information, I’ll be taken to the order confirmation page where I can change the license.

Looks like the license is still in my name, so I’ll have to change it. And once that’s done I’ll be all set to purchase the license.

Since the font isn’t licensed to me, I’ll have to download the zip file with a copy of the EULA to give to my friend. Wasn’t that easy? Now the hard part is narrowing down the typefaces you want to license!

Theresa’s Tips: Licenses, Your Cart, and Quotes

Before your purchase, pay attention to these three things: Licenses, Your Cart, and Quotes. We will use FF Meta as the example and start with Licenses.

End User License Agreements, EULAs for short, are rules to follow when you want to use a font. You’ll want to keep in mind that you are not purchasing the typeface itself, but a license to use the font software. Because we have 100+ foundries that have their own EULA and you might not want to read every single one, we added a shortcut to a product’s EULA at the bottom of their page.

Your Cart keeps track of the number fonts you’ve added and the subtotal provided is the cost of a basic EULA. The most recent additions to your cart will be shown, up to five, and are linked to the product page. Just hit View Cart to see all the fonts you’ve added.

Quotes are easily obtained once you’ve added the items you need to purchase to the cart. Fonts are licensed in blocks of users, you will have to enter the number of computers that you will need to support, and the cart will automatically calculate your subtotal. The default number of users is the cost of a basic EULA.

If your company is growing, you can always extend your license to support additional computers by contacting us. We’ll also answer any additional questions you may have before your purchase. Whew! That was a lot to cover.