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Countdown: L

Droughts, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes. With a mere score of days left ahead of us, those Maya will resort to whatever it takes to keep on schedule, so take care world. Meanwhile, l from Falstaff, an original display fat face from the Monotype drawing office closes out another day.


l, set in Falstaff

Typographic Countdown — 20 Days ’til 2012 is Here

L is another letter with evidence of origins in Egyptian writing. The symbol for ox goad, or whip used to drive the ox, reappears in Phoenician, Etruscan, and Greek, each with a degree more of refinement. If you ever need an A without the crossbar, take a look at capital Lambda. (And I’ll put that tip with A where it belongs.)

The stylized L with a line through it that symbolizes the British Pound, £, is said to have come from a blackletter-style L, like the one in  Jim Parkinson’s Avebury, though I’d like to see more evidence before passing this off as fact.


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