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New Fonts This Week

New Fonts

P22 Amelia Jayne by IHOF

newfonts105_Amelia Jayne


Voltage by Laura Worthington



Hickory by Filmotype

newfonts105_Filmotype Hickory


Western by Filmotype

newfonts105_Filmotype Western


Urban Grotesk by Suitcase

newfonts105_Urban Grotesk


Continuing Promotions

Entire library by Typefolio30% off through Aug 13

Brando by Bold Monday30% off through Aug 15

Orgon by Hoftype50% off through Aug. 18

Fixen FY by FONTYOU50% off through Aug 21

Zennat by Latinotype – 80% off through Aug. 21

Macarons by Latinotype75% off through Aug. 21

Modernica by Latinotype – 80% off through Aug. 21

Supra Classic by Wiescher 50% off through Aug. 21

Belleville FY by FONTYOU30% off until Aug. 24

Horizontes Script by Sudtipos30% off through Aug. 30

Want detailed showing of new fonts straight to your inbox? Make sure you’re receiving them in your inbox. They maybe getting lost in the promotions section. If you use Gmail then you can drag and drop the FontShop Newsletter from your Promotions Tab to your Primary Tab.

New Fonts This Week

Desire by Borges Lettering


Carisma Gothic by CastleType


P22 Lucilee by IHOF


In a Jar by Latinotype


Fuzzbox by Sideshow


Littleheads by Sideshow


Ramparts by Sideshow


Gabriel Bautista by Comicraft

Gabriel Bautista

Dan Panosian by Comicraft

Dan Panosian

Urban Barbarian by Comicraft

Urban Barbarian

Continuing Promotions

Metronic Slab Complete by Mostardesign Studio70% off until 22 October

Brownstone and Brownstone Slab by Sudtipos30% off until 27 October

MVB Solitaire by MvB Fonts20% off until 5 November

Blok, Scissorgirl, Ebu Script, and Surreal Post Indian by Type-Ø-Tones  — 20% off until 30 November

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