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Countdown: H

End of the world blowout sale. Now ’til the end of the world. 100% off on all fonts you bill to your clients.* Client participation may vary. Get billing. Reminding us how few days we have left is H, set in Manolo Guerrero’s Optica, a design that plays on the mind’s intrinsic bent for pattern recognition.

H, set in Optica

*Pay the marked price for your FontShop order, then bill this amount to your client. FontShop is not responsible for clients who fail to pay before the end of the world.

Typographic Countdown — 24 Days ’til the New Year

H appears to have its earliest recorded origins in Egypt, where the character depicted a fence or wall. Its form hasn’t changed much through the years, though its sound, and whether it’s silent or spoken, has seen plenty of debate. In Spanish, H is for looks only.

DeVinne by Gustav Schroeder renders H in a sharp, rationalized manner. Looking for something technically up-to-speed with optical sizes in the same style? Try Nick Shinn’s Scotch Modern.