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Monogramma from Wiescher

Gert Wiescher’s new Monogramma is a set of 14 fonts made for creating entwined monogram initials. Monogramma Base displays these stately Roman forms plainly, without any overlay. The rest of the 13 fonts double to cover every possible two-letter combination. For example, in Monogramma GH covers all the ‘G’s and ‘H’s. Type ‘A’ and you get ‘GA’, ‘B’ gives you ‘GB’. In the lowercase, ‘c’ returns ‘HC’, ‘d’ becomes ‘HD’. No features you have to enable—it’s made to work all from the font selection menu and with a little know-how.

Lastly, the question of where to put these interlocking forms; Some have suggested the usual places—on the bath towels, the handbag, the pocketknife. Perhaps cut into the stepping stones in the garden or at the bottom left corner of the blank invitation cards. I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

Typographic Countdown — 9 Days ’til the New Year

W slowly made its way into popular use as its own letter well into the 16th century. It was long written and even typeset as UU. In German, W makes the sound that we English speakers associate with the letter V. Keep this in mind next time you utter the words Weiss Antiqua. It’s Weiss, like Miami Weiss.

Ayres Royal by Gert Wiescher decorates the page with flourished initial caps.