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New Fonts, December 2011

Getting back after the holidays, the previous year has left us with one small task, that of wrapping up December’s New Fonts. Let’s get a closer look at a few of them.

FF Ernestine by Nina Stössinger, published by FontFont

FF Ernestine is sturdy and sophisticated. Its italic inclines at a modest ~3½ degrees. Hrant Papazian designed its Armenian characters.

Filmotype Gem by Mark Simonson, published by Filmotype

Next, Filmotype Gem, the heaviest of the Filmotype ‘G’ Series. Gem takes us back to a time when letters were hand painted with care, or when type hand-set from film was done to similar effect.

Major Update: FF Quadraat by Fred Smeijers, published by FontFont

Twenty years after its initial release, FF Quadraat has undergone a sweeping redesign, update, and extension to its language support. Pro versions include glyph support for Cyrillic-based languages, and should you need a versatile companion sans in additional widths and weights, there’s that too.

Typographic Countdown — 12 Days ’til the New Year

T has held onto its sound through the years. In early Semitic alphabets such as the Phoenicians’, taw was the final letter of the alphabet, it meant mark, and it looked like a plus sign or x.

In FF Quadraat by Fred Smeijers, lowercase t’s crossbar softens prior to terminating, perhaps to avoid undue attention on the page.