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New FontFonts This Week

New Fonts

These new FontFonts just came in: Jakob Runge’s completely new FF Franziska, plus new additions to FF Max (now including a Condensed width and support for Cyrillic) and FF Mister K (with a new variant, Splendid).

FF Franziska by FontFont

ff franziska_fontfont

FF Max, now supporting Cyrillic and with new Condensed width by FontFont

ff max_fontfont

FF Mister K Splendid by FontFont

ff mister k_fontfont

More additions: FF UI Icons

FF Dingbats 2.0 UI

FF Mister K Dingbats UI

FF Netto Icons UI

FF Transit Pict UI

FF Comic Jens UI

Continuing Promotions

Newslab Family by Latinotype – 75% off until 19 Jun

Adorn single weights by Laura Worthtington – 50% off until 19 Jun

Sherlock in OT and Web by Wiescher – 50% off until 19 Jun

Abdo Free by Abdo Fonts – 15% off until 2 July

Abdo Line by Abdo Fonts – 15% off until 2 July

Abdo Title by Abdo Fonts – 15% off until 2 July

Abdo Screen by Abdo Fonts – 15% off until 2 July

Abdo Logo by Abdo Fonts – 15% off until 2 July

Abdo Master by Abdo Fonts – 15% off until 2 July

Abdo Egypt by Abdo Fonts – 25% off until 2 July

Abdo Joody by Abdo Fonts – 25% off until 2 July

Abdo Misr by Abdo Fonts – 25% off until 2 July

Abdo Rajab by Abdo Fonts – 35% off until 2 July

Abdo Salem by Abdo Fonts – 35% off until 2 July

Pinto by FaceType – 50% off until 2 July

Archille FY by FONTYOU – 75% off  until 5 July

Booster FY by FONTYOU – 80% off  until 5 July

Brixton FY by FONTYOU – 70% off  until 5 July

Gauthier FY by FONTYOU – 50% off  until 5 July

Saya FY by FONTYOU – 70% off  until 5 July

Sperling FY by FONTYOU – 40% off  until 5 July

Suzee FY by FONTYOU – 40% off  until 5 July

Wes FY by FONTYOU – 40% off  until 5 July

Zitrone FY by FONTYOU – 50% off  until 5 July

Calavera Family by Cocijotype – 40% off until 15 July

Chicha by Cocijotype – 40% off until 15 July

Quincha by Cocijotype – 40% off until 15 July

Zipolite Rounded Family by Cocijotype – 40% off until 15 July

Adria Slab and Adria Slab Web by Facetype – 90% off until 15 July

Abelina Pro and Abelina Redux OT by Sudtipos – 30% off until 20 July

Gauthier Next FY by FONTYOU – 50% off until 24 July

Gauthier Display FY by FONTYOU – 40% off until 24 July

Brando by Bold Monday – 30% off until 15 Aug

Want detailed showing of new fonts straight to your inbox? Make sure you’re receiving them in your inbox. They may be getting lost in the promotions section. If you use Gmail then you can drag and drop the FontShop Newsletter from your Promotions Tab to your Primary Tab.

New FontFonts This Week

FF Antithesis by FontFont, Webfonts Available


FF Ginger by FontFont



FF Good Headline & FF Good by FontFont, Web Available
4 New Widths and 2 New Weights



Continuing Promotions

Shentox by EmType30% off until 31 March

Showcase family pack by Latinotype80% off until 10 April

Anglecia Complete Pro, Anglecia Display Pro, Anglecia Title Pro, Anglecia Text Pro by Mint Type80% off until 15 April

Courtesy Script Family by Sudtipos30% off until 20 April

Nitti Grotesk by Bold Monday30% off until 30 April

Coco FY and LolaLola FY by FONTYOU50% off until 4 May

Exquise FY, Kaili FY, Bruum FY by FONTYOU70% off until 4 May

Marianina FY by FONTYOU80% off until 4 May

Want detailed showing of new fonts straight to your inbox? Make sure you’re receiving them in your inbox. They maybe getting lost in the promotions section. If you use Gmail then you can drag and drop the FontShop Newsletter from your Promotions Tab to your Primary Tab.

New Fonts This Week

FF Mark by FontFont

FF Mark

FF Kievit Slab by FontFont

FF Kievit Slab


Bruum FY



Maryleen FY by FONTYOU


Equip Condensed by Hoftype

Equip Condensed

Continuing Promotions

Analfabeto, Designal, Frankie Dos, and Peter Sellers by Type–Ø–Tones20% off until 30 September

New Fonts This Week

Grota by Latinotype


FF Marselis Slab by FontFont
Webfonts Available

FF Marselis Slab

Continuing Promotions

Lavigne Text, Lavigne Display, Medusa and Winco by ReType *webfonts available — 30% off 1–31 August

DSTypeAll fonts 50% off until 1 August

Rolling Pen by Sudtipos30% off until 8 August

Four Seasons by Latinotype65% off until 15 August

Anafalbeto, Designal, Frankie Dos, and Peter Sellers by Type–Ø–Tones20% off until 30 September

Buyer’s Guide: FontFont’s App+ Brings New Choices!

Last week we introduced a new license called App+ and this changed how FontFonts appear and are licensed throughout the site. These options will appear after you’ve chosen a specific product from the list that search returns to you. FF GOOD will be our chosen font for today, so let’s go over the basic changes that you’ll see.


Select Format

When you’ve found the package that appeals to you just click on product’s name. You’ll see the available formats which typically include OpenType, Web, Office, and App+. Clicking on any of these links will take to you the product page. For this example we’ll choose OpenType for the FF Good Collection.



You will only have this option for FontFonts, all other foundries will have an “Add” button instead. Anytime you choose “Update” we will give you several options to add different formats to your cart.


Which format of FF Good Collection do you need?

Since we initially choose OpenType for FF Good, that option is preselected. Licensing a mix of OpenType, Office, and Web will take 10% off those products. You can even add an App+ license!

We hope you like the new options and if you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

New Fonts This Week

We are overflowing with new fonts this week! Our latest releases include FF Dora & FF Signa Slab from FontFont, Orlando from FilmotypeHerman Mono from Geen Bitter, HS Alwafa from Hiba Studio, Espuma (50% off until June 14) from Mint Type, Mic 32 Stencil from Moretype, Griffy, Rochester, Skranji, and Seaweed Script from Neapolitan, Orenga & Pona Display from Tipografies, and Nexstar from Wiescher. Emigre is also introducing a character extension to Alda.

Heimat Stencil and Heimat Mono from Atlas are $90 until May 26. Relato by Emtype is 30% off until May 31st. Abdo Egypt and Abdo Joody from Abdo Fonts continues to be 30% off until June 2nd. Latinotype’s recent extension, Trend Hand Made, is $19 until June 12.

As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for tips on using type, Pinterest updates, and more.


FF Dora » Webfonts Available

FF Signa Slab » Webfonts Available



Alda CE



Geen Bitter

Herman Mono

Hiba Studio

HS Alwafa  » Webfonts Available

Mint Type



Mic 32 Stencil  » Webfonts Available




Seaweed Script




Pona Display


Nexstar  » Webfonts Available

Pinterested: Free FontFonts!

pinterest-freefontfontsDid you know about the wealth of free FontFonts floating around on FontShop? If not, we’ve made them a little bit easier to find by creating a pinboard full of them. Check out our Free FontFonts board on Pinterest to find over 20 fonts waiting to be downloaded and loved — you’ll find treasures like FF Pullman and FF Motter as well as fun faces like FF Baukasten and FF Yokkmokk.

Hot New Fonts!

hotnewfontsbadgeJust when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve got hot new fonts this week that are sure to be memorable. We are excited to bring you FF Angst and FF ScratchedOut from FontFont, and Template Gothic and Dogma Outline from Emigre. These versatile fonts have all been optimized for Windows 95 and are sure to make any project a standout!

As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for tips on using type, Pinterest updates, and more.


FF Angst
aprilfools_scratched out
FF ScratchedOut »CD-ROM Available


Template Gothic
Dogma Outline

Buyer’s Guide: Will FF Chartwell work for me?

While FF Chartwell is a really cool font that you might want, it is also one of the most complex fonts we have available on FontShop — you may need to do a bit of research before and after licensing this font.

The #1 question you should ask yourself before buying and downloading FF Chartwell is: what program do I intend to use the font in?

If you’ll be using the font in design programs (such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop), you’re usually good to go. As long as the program can handle stylistic sets and contextual alternates, you’ll be able to use FF Chartwell. Of course, there are exceptions: most notably, color versions do not work when using QuarkXPress. Also, FF Chartwell Bars and FF Chartwell Bars Vertical are the only styles that are currently compatible with iWorks.

One of the best things you can do before getting your hands on this particular typeface is to read the FF Chartwell User Manual. FontFont has also dedicated a few pages on using FF Chartwell, including a video on How to Use FF Chartwell.

howtouseffchartwellOur type expert, David, also put together a series last year on using FF Chartwell, which you can find collected on our In Your Face: FF Chartwell Pinterest board.

Staff Picks, January 2013

Before February’s over I thought we might as well publish January’s Staff Picks. Here’s the complete list, with selected pieces below.

Anna picks Certified by Stuart Sandler, Bai Meillon, published by Lettering Inc.


Meghan picks FS Rufus by Mitja Miklavčič, Jason Smith, & Emanuela Conidi, published by Fontsmith

FS Rufus

David picks FF Ticket by Daniel Fritz, published by FontFont

FF Ticket

Typographic Pinspiration of 2012

We started pinning back in July and have, since then, created almost 50 unique boards full of typographic eye candy. As 2012 comes to a close, here are some of our favorite pinboards:


The most delicious of them all. We have many tasty type samples up on Pinterest divided between various food-themed pinboards. From Edible Type to Savory Stems to SweetShop, you’ll find letters crafted from cookies and pancake mix to tempting fonts like Chocolate and Candy Script. Let your computer gain the holiday weight this season with more fonts!


The boards that get In Your Face. We dedicated a few boards to some of our popular FontFonts. FF Chartwell was an exciting new release for us this year, FF Mister K was one of many TDC Typeface Design Winners for 2012, and FF DIN is one of our top bestsellers. Learn more about these faces by checking out their spotlights on Pinterest!

pinterest-geekyboards2012The geeky side of FontShop. Here at FontShop, we geek out about more than just fonts. Our nerdiest pinboards reflect this best — we’ve expressed our love for videos games, the cosmos, and Middle Earth through typography. Explore the 8-bit overworlds of Mario and Zelda with pixel fonts on our Like A Boss board, relive Curiosity’s amazing landing on Mars with our Spacing Out board, and journey to the Shire with uncial fonts and beautiful photography from fStop Images on our Keep Calm & Hobbiton board.

Aside from our themed boards, don’t forget about some of our 2012 events: examine the decathlon competition and results from the Fontlympics and be thankful you’re still alive by taking a look at the fonts that were included from the Mayan Calendar Countdown. And to get you pumped up for our Best of 2012, browse through our Best Typefaces of 2011 pinboard while you wait!

Pinterested: New pins this week


This week, we have a bunch of colorful new pins that will pick up your holiday spirit! You’ll find lots of vivid type samples in our New & Noteworthy board from our latest FontFont release. Check out new fonts like FF Videtur and updated fonts like FF Netto or FF Quadraat Sans.


If you’re pinning your wishlist for this holiday season, be sure to pin the typefaces you love so that others know what fonts to buy for you! You can also pin how to buy fonts for others so your loved ones can license you correctly for all the new fonts you want.

Stay tuned next week for a special new board you’ll be Shire to like!

New Fonts This Week

This week we have lots of fresh new faces as well as some great deals we’d like to share with you.

Get 30% off Krul and Dulcinea from ReType through December. Sudtipos’ Poem Script is 30% off until Dec. 25. We welcome a new foundry, Positype, to the FontShop family and offer a promotional price of 25% off this month for all Positype fonts. Be sure to check out Hoftype’s Carat Light—it’s FREE! And as always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories. Now for all the latest from the following foundries:

New Foundry: Positype

View all Positype fonts (25% off through Dec. 31)

Air Complete OT (25% off through Dec. 31)

Dumpling OT (25% off through Dec. 31)

Friendly OT (25% off through Dec. 31)

Halogen OT (25% off through Dec. 31)


PTL Attack Rough OT

PTL Attention Complete Pro OT

PTL Manohara Complete Pro


PTL Roletta Sans / Slab / Ornaments


Poem Script (30% off until Dec. 25)

Canada Type

Cotillion Volume Pro

Gaulois OT

Pipa OT

Zigarre Volume OT


FF Videtur

Parkinson Type Design



VLNL Breakz

VLNL Decks

VLNL Dream Meal

VLNL Gaufre Regular OT


Staff Picks, September 2012

September’s picks are in. See the complete list or just sit back and enjoy the following selections.

Meghan picks Zipolite by Eli Castellanos, published by Cocijotype

“That ‘w’ is ready to party.”

Volker picks FF Marker Skinny by Thomas Marecki, published by FontFont

“’cause it has the coolest dingbats”

Star picks Aksent Cyrillic by Alexey Kustov, published by ParaType

“All lasers, all the time”

Pinterested: New boards this week

Raise your hand if you like handmade type! We created two new boards on Pinterest this week that tie in with our Typographic Trend this week.

As our font expert, David, mentioned in his Typographic Trend post yesterday, some fonts are influenced by actual handwriting. Our In Your Face: FF Mister K board puts the spotlight on one of our own FontFonts that falls into this category of “handmade” type. FF Mister K is a family of four that was inspired by the handwriting of writer Franz Kafka. Check out the different cuts of FF Mister K on FontShop!

We also pinned a different approach to what “handmade” type can mean. On our Getting Out Of Hand board, you’ll find a collection of type and images and designs made out of hands or done on hands. You’ll find words spelled out in sign language and also letters shaped with fingers.

Can you handle our new boards this week?