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Pinterested: Love At First Type


As you anticipate the beginning our Typographic Turn-ons series next week, our Love At First Type pinboard will help you get through the weekend if you’re sweating for swashes. We’ve pinned typefaces that will warm your heart and fonts that we’re smitten with here at FontShop. We’ll continue to pin more lovely fonts and maybe you might choose to buy your sweetheart a font for Valentine’s Day instead of a bouquet of roses, because, let’s be honest, desktop font licensing for one user is forever. Many years from now, your loved one will still be able to type out their love for you in Fiorentina, compared to just reminiscing about or staring longingly at a picture of a beautiful bunch of flowers you bought them once upon a time.

Get Fiorentina at 50% Off

Gert Wiescher’s Fiorentina is a new decorative face for a specific kind of display work. The typeface takes for inspiration the ornamented manuscript writing of Renaissance Italy and from there departs on its own path to the over-the-top, embellished inline script you see here. Get it half off through August.

New Fonts This Week

All these fresh faces just arrived this week. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories on these. Now for all the latest from the following foundries:


Aranjuez Pro



Wayside Ornaments


50% off Fiorentina until September 1st.