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FF Turmino

FF Turmino by Ole Schäfer

As May draws to a close, we wrap our series on faces from the FontFont Collection Tier. The whole process has been a great chance to look back through some of the early experiments of now-well-known designers, or just to come across great designs that have fallen out of common use. It’s in fact for that reason—because they’re lesser-known—that Collection FontFonts make up some of the highest value-per-dollar families and font sets we offer. Special thanks goes to our intern Kristin Stenzel for contributing her eye to the specimens, including the one below. Take a look back through some of our selections, or to peruse them yourself, visit the FontFont foundry page and pick ‘Collection FontFonts’ inside the Tier filter. And at last, we leave you with Ole Schäfer’s FF Turmino, a semi-condensed sans that grows more compact as you take it up in weight.