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Typographic Countdown — 17 Days Left ’til 2012

Up next is O. The letter’s form has changed little from the Phoenician ’ayin, which depicts an eye. Yes, ’ayin starts with an apostrophe. The Greeks, who pioneered the concept of vowels, separated O into small and large versions (both capital letters) called Omikron and Omega.

O’s stroke freely flows and remains open in FF Mister K Informal by Julia Sysmäläinen.

Staff Picks, July 2011

Summertime and the living may be easy, but we still have type on the brain. This month’s FontShop Staff Picks are here. We’ve highlighted three below so you can hear why our employees picked them.

Oxtail by Stefan Hattenbach

Michael, First Officer of our SF crew, likes Oxtail from PsyOps Type Foundry. “This is one of my favorites because it’s sophisticated, tasteful, and has a splash of sass,” he explains.

FF Polymorph by Stefanie Schwarz

Designer Anna picks FF Polymorph for its international flavor. “FF Polymorph intrigues me with its variety of forms inspired by characters from all over the globe,” she notes.

FF Mister K Informal by Julia Sysmäläinen

Our communications manager, Meghan, digs the newly released FF Mister K informal. “I’ve been a big fan of the whole family, but now I can have a font to express my more casual Kafkaesque situations,” she jokes. “In all seriousness though, there are so many unique and beautiful glyphs in this version – it’s a very fun font to explore.”