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Don’t Miss the Fontlympics!

We hear there’s some big event kicking off in London this Friday (no, not TYPO London – but you can win a conference ticket for October 19-20). Getting in the spirit of international competition, we’re holding a coinciding event – The 2012 Fontlympics — a celebration of fonts and their many feats!

Catch a preview in last week’s newsletter and make sure to subscribe to future issues to catch all of the events. Watch our TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest as we spotlight our typographic competitors over the 16 days of the games. And you will not want to miss staying tuned to the blog for a special interactive competition.

That’s right, beginning Monday, July 30 and ending Friday, August 10 the FontShop blog will host the Fontlympic Decathlon, pitting five typefaces against each other throughout 10 events. Vote each weekday for the best face in each event and help us determine the best all-around typeface.

Let the games begin!

Fontpocalypse Now

If you’ve been on the internet in recent days you’ve no doubt seen pieces of the “Is the world ending or isn’t it?” meme. We at FontShop want to make sure our customers are prepared for events real or imagined, so we posed a simple question on our Twitter and Facebook:

What if there was a Fontpocalypse? What one typeface would you want to be stuck using for eternity?

You folks certainly didn’t disappoint with your responses, so we had to share some of them here at the blog.

Obviously some people, like @CarltonSwift on Twitter have given this previous thought: “Comic Sans or Papyrus. I’d rather start off with a font I hate and learn to love it than vice versa.” Jerry Reyes, who likes us on Facebook, thought along similar lines: “Comic Sans, cause I’m a masochist…Or will I be a sadist? Hmmm…” Don’t despair gentlemen. Even if it’s the true Fontpocalypse, no need to go that far. Perhaps check out our Comic Sans Alternatives or Papyrus Alternatives as part of your emergency preparedness planning.

We have similar advice for those like @TrevorBaum who decided to face the Fontpocalypse with a positive outlook: “I’d choose something ‘happy’ like Curlz MT to keep my spirits up after the devastation of the Fontpocalypse.” Why not check out our Curlz Alternatives if you’re going to make this event a party?

Many folks chose Helvetica and Futura to keep with them, but don’t forget there are alternatives for each. Although, @PaulaandMimi did point out that Futura’s “Uppercase ‘M’ looks like some kinda ninja weapon,” which could help with survival.

As with any catastrophic event, there’s always got to be heroes. Perhaps @LSDeMonte is that of the Fontpocalypse, proclaiming “Mrs. Eaves. Hands down. Somebody’s gotta save the women😉

Happily FontFonts FF Basic Gothic, FF Din and FF Meta will survive the Fontpocalypse for some folks and we’ll continue to make them available for you at FontShop!

What would you pick to keep after the Fontpocalypse?

Header Fonts: Adolescent Regular by Creative Alliance and FF Matto Porco by FontFont

Font Shop Friday Five: Don’t Forget to Vote

Friday FIveWe know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder now and then of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

Don’t Forget to Vote for Your Favorite Design in the Rocking FontFont’s Free Fonts Contest!

Voting went live on Tuesday and the competition is fierce. Make sure your opinion gets counted. You can only vote once, so choose wisely. Public voting is open until 11:59 PM (PDT) on Sunday, May 8. You may vote once via this survey.

Check Out Our May 4 Newsletter

In case you missed it our latest newsletter hit inboxes this Wednesday. It features new fonts from Font Bureau and PSY/OPS  and a new family from TypeTrust. To subscribe to the newsletter, sign up here.

Known Issue with Facebook Registration

Our apologies once again to those who encountered site issues earlier this week. We are still working diligently on the issue and will have an update for you next week.

On the FontFeed

Yves talks about the TypeTalks2 Symposium and gives you a special edition of ScreenFonts.

Our Type Promotion Continues

The incredible discount from OurType continues for FontShop customers. From now until May 31, OurType’s Meran, Eva, and Fayon are being offered for an astounding 50% off. Use the promotional code OURTYPE50 during checkout for any product from these three families.

Friday Five fonts: Jeanne Moderno by PsyOps Type Foundry and Bullen by Font Bureau

Known Issue with Facebook Registration on FontShop.com

UPDATE 5/12/11: This issue has been resolved and Facebook registration has been re-enabled. Thank you for your patience!

We’ve temporarily disabled the option to create a new account on FontShop.com with your Facebook account. This prevents a redirect loop which is being caused by a bug on Facebook’s side. Customers who have previously created accounts with Facebook are still able to log in. You may still create a new account by completing the “Create an account” fields on our registration page. Should you choose to sync this with your Facebook account in the future, you can do so automatically once the bug is fixed (provided your email is the same as the one associated with your Facebook account).

Thank you for your patience. We will restore things back to normal once a fix comes through from Facebook.

Try Out and “Like” FontShop’s Facebook Integration

Do you adore Tiina Professional? Want to tell the world about Calypso I Heavy? Now you can just click the Like button at the top of each product page and a link to your devotion will appear on your Facebook wall. While you’re clicking away, don’t forget to like FontShop on Facebook as well.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to simplify the process of logging in or registering for your FontShop account, we’ve got you covered. Want to avoid the forms and get straight to the fonts? The new “Login with Facebook” option on FontShop.com will connect you with just one click.

For returning customers, this option will allow you to merge your existing FontShop account with your Facebook, if your emails used for both are the same. You’ll still experience a secure log in to access all your account information, but without the need to remember multiple passwords. Additionally, new customers can now register for the site simply using the Facebook button.

Once you’re logged in, you can “like” individual fonts and share them with your Facebook friends.

Not a fan of Facebook? That’s okay. You can still continue to log in and register using the traditional form.

We’d love to hear what you think about these site changes. Please leave your comments for us below.