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Dieter Hofrichter’s Epoca, Epoca Classic

What’s the difference between the new Epoca Classic, and the previously released Epoca also on hand here at FontShop?

The specific kind of contrast that Epoca Classic accentuates is stroke contrast—the difference in weight between the thick and thin strokes. The greater the difference, the higher the contrast. The more the strokes appear the same weight, as in Epoca, the lower its contrast, or more monolinear it becomes.

Epoca Classic’s heightened contrast adds a touch of sophistication to the design, and relieves a bit of the tension on the horizontals when printed at text sizes. This phenomenon is particularly visible in the heavier italic weights.

We’re pleased to welcome Epoca Classic to FontShop, and also glad to see it become a part of Hoftype’s Epoca family.

New Fonts This Week

These fresh faces just arrived this week. Here’s all our new stuff from the following foundries:


Regular by Nik Thoenen


Epoca Classic by Dieter Hofrichter


Museo Sans Condensed by Jos Buivenga


H21 Package

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