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New Fonts This Week

Dark Angel by Alphabet Soup
Casanova Script by Elsner+Flake
Vianova by Elsner+Flake

More from Elsner+Flake: Aniene, Besty, Bilbo, Bluset, Caligari, Deco, Didima, Epoche, Eurasia, Fairy Tale, Gimli, Gloin, Hot Dot, Jeannes Script, Materia, Novice, Redot, Reimig Brush, Siegel, Tante Emma.

Nota1 by ParaType
Terra Ignota by Three Islands Press
Webfonts Available


Continuing Promotions

Novel Sans Rounded Web by Atlas Font Foundry$99 intro price until 23 July

Rolling Pen by Sudtipos30% off until 8 August

Staff Picks, January 2012

January Staff Picks are in. As you may know, our staff here at FontShop regularly brings a few of its lesser-known offerings to the fore for a discussion on what makes great type great. Here are a few of the selections followed by their letters of recommendation.

Star picks Eastside from Elsner+Flake

“I dig the silhouettes it makes with short strings in larger sizes. In longer paragraphs in smaller sizes it acts almost like an optical illusion – jumbled until you make out the first word or two.”

Theresa picks Lemonade from Linotype

“Fun Script. Reminds me of practicing my letters in school and trying to make them perfect.”

Meghan picks Capri by Felix Braden, published by Fountain

“Just love the g in Capri.”