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Typographic Pinspiration of 2012

We started pinning back in July and have, since then, created almost 50 unique boards full of typographic eye candy. As 2012 comes to a close, here are some of our favorite pinboards:


The most delicious of them all. We have many tasty type samples up on Pinterest divided between various food-themed pinboards. From Edible Type to Savory Stems to SweetShop, you’ll find letters crafted from cookies and pancake mix to tempting fonts like Chocolate and Candy Script. Let your computer gain the holiday weight this season with more fonts!


The boards that get In Your Face. We dedicated a few boards to some of our popular FontFonts. FF Chartwell was an exciting new release for us this year, FF Mister K was one of many TDC Typeface Design Winners for 2012, and FF DIN is one of our top bestsellers. Learn more about these faces by checking out their spotlights on Pinterest!

pinterest-geekyboards2012The geeky side of FontShop. Here at FontShop, we geek out about more than just fonts. Our nerdiest pinboards reflect this best — we’ve expressed our love for videos games, the cosmos, and Middle Earth through typography. Explore the 8-bit overworlds of Mario and Zelda with pixel fonts on our Like A Boss board, relive Curiosity’s amazing landing on Mars with our Spacing Out board, and journey to the Shire with uncial fonts and beautiful photography from fStop Images on our Keep Calm & Hobbiton board.

Aside from our themed boards, don’t forget about some of our 2012 events: examine the decathlon competition and results from the Fontlympics and be thankful you’re still alive by taking a look at the fonts that were included from the Mayan Calendar Countdown. And to get you pumped up for our Best of 2012, browse through our Best Typefaces of 2011 pinboard while you wait!

Pinterested: New boards this week

We’ve put together a menu of tasty typefaces on Pinterest for you to enjoy during the holidays. When you’re laying around in a food coma, you’ll be thanking us for giving you delicious treats to feast upon that won’t expand your stomach any more.

Our Savory Stems pinboard features a combination of mouth-watering pictures from fStop and delicious fonts available on FontShop. You might suddenly find yourself craving Grilled Chicken, Roast Beef, Canned Corn, or Cheese And Crackers — who knew you could do a little grocery shopping at FontShop? Take a look at Savory Stems for some kitchen inspiration as well as our other food-themed boards: SweetShop, Mugshot, and Edible Type!

Pinterested: New boards this week

Fonts don’t stop at digital downloads only — type is everywhere! We created two new Pinterest boards this week to help satisfy your type desires in physical form.

Fonts can be just as stylish as other designs we sport on a daily basis. Our Wearable Type board features fashionable finds from temporary tattoos to apparel to jewelry. Continue to be proud of your type geekiness even when away from your computer with these finds! Wear News Gothic designed by Morris Fuller Benton and John Renshaw on a warm hoodie, show your love for Simoncini Garamond with a t-shirt, or mark yourself with some slabs.

We also know many of the fonts we have available on FontShop are mouthwatering, but you can’t eat them (even if they are named Roast Beef or Candy)! Our Edible Type board will give you real glyphs to drool over. You can also find food-themed fonts such as René Menue Symbols OT from URW, Poppi Food Two from Emigre, and Too Much Coffee and Donuts OT from Comicraft on our Editable Type board.

Be sure to follow us on Pinterest, otherwise you’ll miss out on some tasty type!