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Staff Picks, December 2011

December’s Staff Picks are in. As we at FontShop get ready to spend time with our friends and family for the holidays, we wish you all peace and prosperity, new clothes and fresh eyes. Now on with the picks.

Star picks FF Nuvo Mono from FontFont

“Good font for development and console. High contrast between numbers and uppercase characters, very distinct upper O, lower o and zero. Good contrast for comma, period, colon and semicolon. And it looks nice.”

Jason picks Cottingley from Device Fonts

“This slanted, aerodynamic, connected-script font reeks of retro spies, martinis, and hidden tape recorders.”

Mayene picks Fiance from Sudtipos

“The thick, comfy curves remind me of staying warm under tons of blankets during the holiday season and makes me crave marshmallows on top of some hot chocolate.”