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New Fonts, August 2011

August came heavy with new fonts this year. With the introduction of Canada Type’s catalog to our offerings, new script faces from Sudtipos and Three Islands Press and more you’ll have to read about in our coming newsletter, we’ve seen a lot of good work come in.

And even though these Web FontFonts technically arrived in July, it’s about time they were introduced as all new, especially since they now come with a set of comp fonts: FF Sero Web, FF Tundra Web, FF Nuvo Mono Web, and FF Signa Stencil Web, with and without serifs.

FF Sero Web by Jörg Hemker

FF Sero combines the striking forms of an American Grotesque with the legibility of a Humanist Sans Serif typeface. It has open contours, a distinct x-height and a homogeneous grey scale value. During the seven years of development the classic letter forms have matured and turned into a balanced, sovereign typeface. Eight harmonized weights and an extensive character set allow for a flexible and versatile typography. Cyrillic and Greek characters provide an extended language support.

FF Signa Stencil Web & FF Signa Serif Stencil Web by Ole Søndergaard

FF Signa is a typically Danish typeface, rooted in architectural lettering rather than book typography. Concise letterforms and a minimum of detail produce clear and harmonious word images. Designed for the Danish Design Center, it is used there for printed material and exhibitions as well as the internal signage system. There are Condensed, Extended and Correspondence versions, and in 2005 FF Signa Serif joined the family. In 2011, Stencil variants were added.

FF Mister K Onstage & FF Mister K Informal by Julia Sysmäläinen

Also, we’re quite pleased with the response FF Mister K is getting, and pleased more to announce a new sibling to the family, FF Mister K Informal.

Webfont Wednesday: Big News for Web FontFonts

In case you missed today’s newsletter, we’ve got a ton of updates in the world of Web FontFonts. In addition to several FontFonts adding web versions, there’s also all sorts of goodies packed into them. Check it out:

Designers rejoice! Comp fonts now included in Web FFs

Once again FontFont is leading the charge in webfont technology and making the lives of designers much easier! It’s now even simpler to involve great typefaces like FF Meta Web, FF Unit Web, or the new FF Sero Web in all phases of website creation. We know that during the design process it may be necessary to create page layouts of the proposed design using applications that don’t support WOFF/EOT fonts. For this purpose, Web FontFont archives now contain corresponding TrueType-flavored OpenType fonts for the offline design phase. As reflected in the amended Web FontFont EULA, these comp fonts may only be used for this specific purpose.

Improved Web FontFonts

Additionally, Web FontFonts have been reworked to ensure you end up with a smaller file size, additional optimization for Microsoft’s rendering API DirectWrite and improved vertical metrics for consistent baseline positions in all browsers. In many of the files, you can also now choose between Oldstyle Figures and Proportional Lining Figures. If you’ve already purchased Web FontFonts, you can enjoy these enhancements; upgraded files are available for download in your account at no additional cost.

FontFont Subsetter

Once you’ve downloaded your Web FontFonts, use Subsetter to create a new, lighter webfont file tailored to the needs of your website. Learn more here.