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Staff Picks, October 2012

October Staff Picks have been selected. Take a look through a few of the favorites below, or peruse the complete list. Now on to the picks.

Volker picks the Atomic Age Pack by Leslie Cabarga, published by Font Bureau

“50s fridge fonts”

Mayene picks Brownstone Thin by Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos

“a lightweight, friendly set of characters with dainty alternates.”

Mark picks Typonine Stencil by Nikola Djurek of Typonine

“For making elegant looking occupy signage”

New Fonts This Week

As always with these short updates, there’s more to come from us on these, but for now here’s all our latest.

New Foundry

Sideshow’s Breaking the Norm

Plus new faces from these foundries:



Schiavi Design

Sys 2.0

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