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Stuart Sandler’s Air Flow and Starliner

With the addition this week of Breaking the Norm, a new label under the Sideshow foundry name, we came across all kinds of new novelty display faces. Taking a closer look at a couple of related ones now, here’s Air Flow and Starliner.

Air Flow calls from memory the sense of wonder surrounding space travel, integrated circuits, and a future of technological advancement. Its rectilinear forms and a top-heavy structure distance the style from the here and now, to some far-off advanced culture.

Starliner follows the lines of the popular chrome script lettering styles seen on cars, refrigerators, radios, and other specially marked items from the fifties and sixties.

See more from Breaking the Norm on their foundry page.

New Fonts This Week

As always with these short updates, there’s more to come from us on these, but for now here’s all our latest.

New Foundry

Sideshow’s Breaking the Norm

Plus new faces from these foundries:



Schiavi Design

Sys 2.0

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