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Youthful: Parry and ARS Maquette

ARS Maquette, Parry

Striking what I see as a youthful balance is this pairing of Artur Schmal’s Parry and Angus R. Shamal’s ARS Maquette. Parry follows a traditional 18th-century text construction, but encourages rather than restrains certain of its elements from wobbling off axis, resulting in a sensitive and playful face.

Parry, ARS MaquetteARS Maquette, Parry

ARS Maquette is an almost geometric grotesque, providing just what Parry needs to support this kind of a relationship. I would encourage the typographer to explore Parry’s display capabilities, at both the very light and heavy ends of its weight spectrum. And of course, Parry has its own grotesque should you decide to go for a more British flavor, or allow the serif face to play the more distinguished role.

Parry, ARS Maquette

Gallery Picks: June 2011

Last week we told you about our Gallery Bookmarklet and hopefully you’ve been on the hunt to add images to grow the FontShop gallery. At the end of each month we’ll be highlighting a couple of images we like from the gallery, so make sure to keep those finds coming!

FF Scala sails off the page:

Source: www.hyatt.com

You can’t help but do a double-take at brassy Zamenhof:

Source: www.behance.net

Finally, ARS Maquette plays a major role in all the materials for this campaign. We like it being a part of our lives too!:

Source: www.flickr.com

Capture Fonts in the Wild for the FontShop Gallery

We can all agree – there’s a lot of Internet out there. Just a short time browsing, and your eyes will take in many examples of the thousands of fonts at FontShop.com alive on sites.

We know webfonts only represent a small segment of typography on the web. There are images of digital type samples, rendered type, and of course photos of fonts out there in the real world. We do what we can to spot these and put them up in the FontShop Gallery.

But did you know there’s a way for you to participate too? It’s simple. Next time you’re in the gallery page, click on “Submit images to the gallery.”

If you’re not already, you’ll be prompted to log in. Once you’re all set, you’ll see a button for our gallery bookmarklet. Just drag to your toolbar to add the bookmarklet to your browser.

Then comes the fun part! Next time you’re on a website and spot a font in the wild, click the bookmarklet. It will automatically highlight available GIFs, PNGs, or JPGs. Select the one you’d like to submit and tell us a little about why.

Images are sent to our staff for approval and we publish the best submissions daily.

Once your image has been approved and categorized, you’ll see it on our gallery page. You’ll also see it on the gallery page for the particular font you spotted, under the Gallery tab on every font page.

Have you used the bookmarklet tool? Leave your feedback in the comments!