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Hot New Fonts!

hotnewfontsbadgeJust when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve got hot new fonts this week that are sure to be memorable. We are excited to bring you FF Angst and FF ScratchedOut from FontFont, and Template Gothic and Dogma Outline from Emigre. These versatile fonts have all been optimized for Windows 95 and are sure to make any project a standout!

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FF Angst
aprilfools_scratched out
FF ScratchedOut »CD-ROM Available


Template Gothic
Dogma Outline

Frederic Goudy to Speak at TYPO San Francisco

TYPO San Francisco’s already exciting line up just became a bit more sensational. This year we’re taking it “Old Style.” Using the same technology that brought Tupac to Coachella, FontShop is happy to sponsor the “appearance” of Frederic Goudy “live” and onstage.

Fred Goudy Holographic Presence

Mr. Goudy will now close out the conference in the Lam Research Theater at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, immediately following Erik Spiekermann on Friday, April 12. No word yet on his presentation topic or if holo-Goudy will engage in a Copperplate debate with fellow speaker, Matthew Butterick.

Already planning for 2014, the TYPO Team hopes DNA technology will allow them to recreate Claude Garamond to add some European flair to a possible “Classics” track.

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