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Buyer’s Guide: FontFont’s App+ Brings New Choices!

Last week we introduced a new license called App+ and this changed how FontFonts appear and are licensed throughout the site. These options will appear after you’ve chosen a specific product from the list that search returns to you. FF GOOD will be our chosen font for today, so let’s go over the basic changes that you’ll see.


Select Format

When you’ve found the package that appeals to you just click on product’s name. You’ll see the available formats which typically include OpenType, Web, Office, and App+. Clicking on any of these links will take to you the product page. For this example we’ll choose OpenType for the FF Good Collection.



You will only have this option for FontFonts, all other foundries will have an “Add” button instead. Anytime you choose “Update” we will give you several options to add different formats to your cart.


Which format of FF Good Collection do you need?

Since we initially choose OpenType for FF Good, that option is preselected. Licensing a mix of OpenType, Office, and Web will take 10% off those products. You can even add an App+ license!

We hope you like the new options and if you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

10 New Things About FontBook 3.0

We hope you’ve had as much fun as we have playing with the new version of FontBook this week. Thanks for making it the #2 reference app in the App Store within 24 hours of release!

Welcome to new users of the app. If you’ve been loving FontBook for awhile, here’s a summary the goodies we added this go ’round:

  1. FontBook is now universal and runs on iPad 2 (and later), iPad Mini, iPhone 4 (and later) and iPod touch (4th gen. and later)
  2. Adapted user interface for iPhone
  3. Favorites and preferences sync between devices via iCloud
  4. New font class “Non-Western”
  5. 150 new font families with more than 1800 fonts
  6. 16 new type foundries
  7. New app icon
  8. iPhone only: search filters (class, designer, year, foundry)
  9. iPhone only: customizable one-liner sample text
  10. iPhone only: result pages as list view

Left: The FontBook App homepage offers the familiar access to the world of type: class, designer, year, foundry and usage. Right: Filters supply even more precise search results, for example “All geometric Sans typefaces from Font Bureau, please!”


Left: One of four type sample pages of a selected type family, in this case the sans serif Nobel. Right: All typefaces marked as favorites at a single glance, with editable sample text.

Buyer’s Guide: Extend Your License to Support Web and Mobile

In the past you only had to worry about basic desktop licenses, webfont choices were limited to system fonts, and designing for mobile apps wasn’t a priority. Now you have to worry about supporting all three: desktop, web, and mobile.

But don’t worry, FontShop has got you covered!

You can purchase a basic desktop license that allows a font to live on your computer. The software is installed on your system so that you can use the font in various programs, but this license doesn’t include support for web or mobile.

Webfont licenses allow fonts to live on your site using the CSS @font-face rule. Take a look at how we label our webfont products and view our webfont license guide for primers on finding and purchasing webfonts.

Finally, mobile licenses allow a developer to include Mobile FontFonts into multiple apps, the license is perpetual, and they have web and desktop counterparts.

If you can’t find the license you are looking for, FontShop’s support is always here to help.

FontBook App – FAQs

UPDATED: November 7, 2013

FontBook 3.0.5 for iPhone and iPad is here and compatible with iOS 7! We answer some of your burning questions below, but feel free to leave more in the comments.

What’s new in version 3.0.5?

  • Improved rendering of special characters
  • “Cancel Search” button added (iPhone only)
  • Support for iOS 7
  • Minor bug fixes
  • New app icon

If I purchase the app, can I use it on both my iPhone and iPad?

Yes, as a universal app, you pay once and you may install it on any of your iOS devices. FontBook runs on iPad 2 (and later), iPad Mini, iPhone 4 (and later) and iPod touch (4th gen. and later)


Is there an Android version of the FontBook?

Not currently. While we are watching the growth of the Android market, we would first like to experience the transition from print to digital FontBook on one platform.

But what about print?

We want to deliver more information than ever before with the new typeface compendium. Note that the App delivers 620,000 font specimens — 19 times more than the printed FontBook 4. With FontBook 4, in 2006, we had to make compromises to host all available typefaces in one volume. For example, we downsized the showing of FF Meta (26 fonts) from three pages in 1998’s FontBook 3 to one page, despite the fact that the family had grown to 300 weights in the meantime. We did that by squeezing the stylistic sets into four lines of sample text — not a very user-friendly compromise. FF Meta is now shown in its entirety. The app also allows you to combine and compare type specimens — completely impossible with previous editions unless you were willing to tear your book apart.

Can I download fonts on my device?

iOS does not support the installation of fonts by the user. However you can download font files that have been purchased on FontShop with mobile Safari once you log into your account from a desktop computer.

Does FontBook contain the actual files of the shown fonts?

No. The FontBook app delivers raster images of typefaces that are generated and stored on a server. FontBook is an online Browser.

Can I use the FontBook app without an internet connection?

The app is primarily an online browsing application and can only display its full content when your device has live internet access through a WiFi/WLAN or 3G mobile connection. However, if you have no online access, you can temporarily switch the “Include online content” setting to “off”. This will enable the app to display a reduced pool of selected content which will work offline. Whenever you do have online access, you can switch back to the full version by switching the “Include online content” setting to “on”.


FontBook is available in the App Store. Learn more at fontbook.com.

The New FontBook Has Arrived!

FontShop is thrilled to announce our new FontBook™ iPad app, the world’s most comprehensive typographic reference tool! Download the app for just $5.99/€4.99 at the iTunes App Store.

Moving the book into the online realm allows us to increase the number of font samples from 32,000 to an astonishing 620,000, while reducing the weight of the book by 80%. Use the FontBook app to look up and view fonts by name, style category, typographical subclassification, designer name, foundry name, year of publication, or by similarity of design. Now typophiles can interact with and compare typefaces on-the-go and with the swipe of a finger.

We can’t wait to share more highlights with you in the coming days — stay tuned to FontBook.com, The FontFeed and the FontShop Blog for inside looks all this month.


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Browse by Foundry

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