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New Fonts This Week

Alverata by TypeTogether

New Fonts 2014 Week 5 _Alverata

Ennio FY by FONTYOU, Webfont Available

new-fonts-2014-week-7-01 Ennio

Kraaken FY by FONTYOU, Webfont Available

new-fonts-2014-week-7-02 Kraaken

Minuit FY by FONTYOU, Webfont Available

new-fonts-2014-week-7-03 Minuit

Australis Swash by Latinotype

new-fonts-2014-week-7-04 Australis Swash

Ride my Bike Serif by Latinotype

new-fonts-2014-week-7-05 Ride My Bike Serif

Falcon Script by Alan Meeks, Webfont Available

new-fonts-2014-week-7-06 Falcon Script

Spartacus by Alan Meeks, Webfont Available

new-fonts-2014-week-7-07 Spartacus

Continuing Promotions

Arquitecta by Latinotype85% off until 21 February

Adria Grotesk by FaceType90% off until 21 February

Supernett cn Family by FaceType50% off until 27 February

Squirrel, Saya, Maryleen, Brixton, Achille, Booster Next, Younion, and Vidok by FONTYOU50%-85% off until 28 February

Lalola by Type-O-Tones20% off until 28 February

Schwager Sans Family and Schwager Sans Family Web by Latinotype75% off until 2 March

Evergreen by Sudtipos30% off until 2 March

All Typefolio30% off until 5 March

Australis Swash Pro family by Latinotype – 50% off until 17 March

Ride my Bike Serif Pro family and Essential family by Latinotype – 70% off until 17 March

Nitti Grotesk by Bold Monday30% off until 30 April

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New Fonts This Week

Check it out! This week we have a nice variety of fresh new faces as well as some great deals we’d like to share with you.

For the month of November, NeubauLaden is offering 50% off on all packages. Over at Hamilton Wood Type, they’re currently offering 20% off all of their products until November 15th. And be sure to check out Hoftype’s Carat Light—it’s FREE! As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories. Now for all the latest from the following foundries:

New Foundry

Alan Meeks


Astoria Sans


Kestrel Script


New Foundry

James Todd Design

Garvis Pro




Rehn & Rehn Condensed