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Adriane and Brooklyn Samuels

Today we take a look at the pairing of Marconi Gomes Lima’s Adriane and Hans Samuelson’s Brooklyn Samuels.


A recent expansion of the Brooklyn Samuels family gives us four new numbered widths from (if I were to name them) compressed to normal. Its unusual constructions and softened corners create a casual and inviting texture. Adriane’s strong Neoclassical core gives it the ability to play it straight, though its lively gestures serve as a strong unifier.


The two create a nice cohesive relationship. Brooklyn Samuels irons out much of the bounce in Adriane, and gives its eccentric italic and swash forms license to relax and be themselves. The text preceding No. 4 above is tracked open slightly to allow its setting of a short passage at a smaller size.

Adriane-and-Brooklyn-Samuels-4 Adriane-and-Brooklyn-Samuels-5

That’s it. Great Pairs continues here Wednesday.

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