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Theresa’s Tips: Preview Web FontFonts on any website with FontFonter

FontFonter is free tool that lets you try Web FontFonts on any website. It was introduced almost two years ago and continues to be one of the easiest ways to comp an existing site with Web FontFonts. Just go to, type in a website, and FontFont It! Here are more tips and examples to help you out.

Theresa’s Tips: Web FontFont licenses and how they work.

FontShop sells three different types of licenses: Desktop, Web, and Mobile. Here are some tips to help you with your Web FontFont purchase.

A license for a Web FontFont is based on the number of pageviews a single website has in a month, lets call them “pvm” for short. Once you place a web font into your cart, you can choose to purchase a license from three tiers: 500,000 pvm, 5 million pvm, or 50 million pvm. Please note that you can always extend your license to support additional pvm or request for a quote if you need to support more than 50 million pvm by contacting us.

Web FontFonts are licensed by the average pageviews per month of all the domains within the licensing organization.

All Web FontFonts come with three font files: Comp, EOT, and WOFF. The Comp file is an TrueType-flavored OpenType font that can only be used in the design phase of  website. A separate license is needed if you need to use the Comp files for any other purpose and the use of Comp files within a website is prohibited.

You can find all the web fonts we sell here and all FontFont’s EULAs hereHere are FAQ regarding web fonts.

Theresa’s Tips: FontShops and where they live

I’m back to offer some tips for you in 2012! My previous post went over the different sites FontShop is connected with, but did you know where all the FontShop offices live? No? Well, let’s clear that up right now.

There are four main FontShop offices and if you need help with anything you can contact your local FontShop for support.

FontShop AG – Supports all customers in Germany.
twitter: @Fontblog

FontShop BeNeLux
– Supports all customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
twitter: @FontShopBeNeLux

FontShop Austria – Supports all customers in Austria.

FontShop San Francisco – Supports all North and South America, plus the rest of the world.
twitter: @FontShop

You can also give us a call!

Random Improvements

Browsing random typefaces just got a lot more fun and easy thanks to our Randomizer tool on We’ve just launched a revised version of our Random Font Generator. It’s part of our ongoing effort to evolve past old ideas and offer new ways of interacting with our website.

This new version is the fastest and simplest way to discover new fonts on

In addition to a more comprehensive sample of the randomly selected typeface, from our collection of over 150,000, some of the new features are:

  • Simple bookmarking of new fonts as favorites as you browse via the star icon. You can sort the results out later once you’re dizzy with font overload!
  • The Purchase Options tab is only one click away from the sample tab. When you come across the typeface that makes you scream “I MUST HAVE THIS NOW!”, it’s easy to snag.
  • Intuitive navigation via on-screen clicking, arrow keys or swipe gestures. The support of mobile devices, like iPad, is one of our major focuses for the future.
We hope you like these new features. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Behind the FontFont Tiers

FontShop International (FSI) announced a major restructuring of its award-winning FontFont® typeface library this week. The FontFont Library Tier system splits the collection into three distinct tiers designed to save customers valuable time in selecting typefaces. Read on to learn a little more about this new set up!

Finding Faces Faster: FontShop International introduces the FontFont Library Tier system

The FontFont® brand debuted in 1990, built around one simple premise: Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody conceived of a library of innovative digital typefaces created by designers for designers. FontFont launched with a handful of types the founders commissioned from their colleagues and up and coming young talent. From those humble beginnings, the FontFont library has grown to include 750 families representing the work of more than 160 designers worldwide.

FontShop International carefully developed the FontFont library to meet the demands of type users with diverse needs. Hand picked twice yearly by the FontFont type board — helmed by Spiekermann, a self-proclaimed “typomaniac”—each typeface in the library has been chosen for aesthetic appeal, innovation, and craftsmanship. FontFonts are technically perfected and thoroughly road tested before release, ensuring that designers have the best possible experience when using these high-quality fonts in their typographic projects.

With 2,500 fonts and counting, FontFont has become one of the largest contemporary type libraries in the world. Having so many designs to choose from can be both a blessing and a curse; leisurely sifting through thousands of fonts online is pleasurable for any type lover, but it can be a daunting task at 3 a.m. when deadlines loom.

Enter the FontFont think tank: FSI’s dedicated team of type fanatics and technical gurus were determined to make font selection as easy as possible. After countless hours spent on research and in talking with type users, their mission was to minimize the
amount of time each customer had to spend on selecting fonts. To achieve this goal, they decided to split the FontFont library into three distinct tiers.

FontFont Premium Tier: The Most Popular FontFonts

FontFont’s Premium Tier includes today’s most popular FontFonts and will feature the latest releases going forward. This tier, the largest in the new system, showcases international favorites like Albert-Jan Pool’s FF DIN®, FF Scala® by Martin Majoor, FF Dax® from Hans Reichel, and Spiekermann’s FF Meta® and FF Unit®.

Premium Tier FontFonts anchor the library in three formats to address every need — OpenType, Offc, and Web.* By next summer, all fonts in the Premium Tier will feature Pro language support, including Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic in some designs. Customers are not restricted to licensing full packages in this tier, but may choose single weights from these bestselling type families.

(*Offc and Web versions of some Premium Tier FontFonts are still in development and will be available soon.)

FontFont Collection Tier: Extraordinary Pricing and Hidden Gems

The FontFont Collection Tier is a selection of economically priced typographic treasures, including Xavier Dupré’s FF Reminga™, FF Mambo® by Val Fullard, and experimental designs like the FF FUSE Classics.

The Collection Tier is offered in full-family packages only—fonts are available in OpenType with Standard language support (with a few key exceptions). All packages in this tier are affordably priced at less than 100€/$, making it easier than ever for customers to build a quality type collection.

FontFont Free Tier: Giving Something Back

As a bonus to loyal customers, FontFont now offers a variety of free typefaces, including Paul Sych’s FF Dig, Dog, Hip™, FF Peecol™ from Steffen Sauerteig and Kai Vermehr (Eboy), and Timothy Donaldson’s FF FancyWriting™. Free Tier titles contain the complete family in a single package, and are available in OpenType with Standard language support.

It Just Gets Better: New Additions to the FontFont Family

FontFont is growing again with a stellar new text design and significant extensions to five favorite families. FF Ernestine, Swiss designer Nina Stössinger’s first typeface, is a wide wedge/slab serif family developed for text setting. Solid yet feminine, FF Ernestine includes roman and italic cuts in four weights. Los Angeles-based designer Hrant Papazian contributed a complementary Armenian character set, available in the Pro version.

Fred Smeijers has revised the design of FF Quadraat® and added a much-needed demi bold weight. Two companion families—FF Quadraat® Sans and Sans Condensed — have undergone design revisions, and have been expanded with thin, extra light, and demi bold weights. All three families now include Pro versions with Latin Extended and Cyrillic character sets. Ole Søndergaard’s FF Signa™ has been extended with extra light, extra black, and ultra weights, while Spiekermann’s FF Meta® Serif now offers Cyrillic and Greek language support.

Theresa’s Tips: Roll Call

You may be familiar with FontShop, but do you know about all the other sites that we’re connected with? If not, then here’s a brief introduction to them.

The FontFeed is a daily dispatch of recommended fonts, typography techniques, and inspirational examples of digital type at work in the real world. Eat up.

FontFont, our foundry, is the world’s largest library of original contemporary typefaces, such as FF DIN and FF Meta.

FontFonter is a web tool that allows you to render Web FontFonts on any website. Basically allowing you to test out a webfont on your site instantly, which is perfect when you want to show your client what their site could look like in a different typeface.

Subsetter is another great tool that helps you decrease the size of a Web FontFont. In three easy steps, you can optimize your Web FontFont at no cost to you. Read more here.

The latest addition is Mobile FontFonts and if you’re building an iOS App then you should start by checking these faces out.

Also, TYPO San Francisco will take place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), April 5-6, 2012 centering around the theme Connect. So head on over to TYPO Talks for a taste of what to expect.

Theresa’s Tips: Buying Fonts for Others

It’s never too early to think about purchasing a gift for a loved one this holiday season and sometimes trying to find something for the creative individual on your list can be daunting. So how about purchasing a license for a typeface on their want list?

For example, I’m purchasing Filmotype Gay OT for a friend and I want to make sure that the license is under their name. Once I’ve placed the product in my cart and entered the payment information, I’ll be taken to the order confirmation page where I can change the license.

Looks like the license is still in my name, so I’ll have to change it. And once that’s done I’ll be all set to purchase the license.

Since the font isn’t licensed to me, I’ll have to download the zip file with a copy of the EULA to give to my friend. Wasn’t that easy? Now the hard part is narrowing down the typefaces you want to license!

Theresa’s Tips: Desktop, Web, and Mobile Licenses

If you’re starting your project, you’ll want to think about where you will want your typeface to live. Do you want to create mobile applications for the iPhone? Will you need to spruce up your website? Are you creating marketing materials or graphics for a product? So many questions, but hopefully I can help you sort out the type of license you’ll need with this brief overview of what FontShop offers.

When viewing our site you’ll see three types of licenses: Desktop, Web, and Mobile. A desktop license allows a font to live on your computer. The software is installed on your system so that you can use that font in various programs, such as MS Office or Adobe Creative Suite. Most desktops licenses do not allow you to include the font software on your website or mobile app, so additional licenses are needed.

Web licenses allow your fonts to live on your website using the CSS @font-face rule. Fonts that are made for the web can be in different formats, with the most common being WOFF. You can view all webfonts available here.

Mobile licenses are the latest addition and will allow a developer to include fonts into an app. The best part of a mobile license is that once the developers are licensed, they are not limited to the number of apps they can create and the license is perpetual, just like web and desktop licenses. Also, Mobile Fonts have web and desktop counter parts.

Theresa’s Tips: Review

It’s time to highlight and link to all the previous tips, so if you haven’t been following them then here’s what you’ve missed. We started with brief introduction to the formats that FontShop offers then delved into three features of the site: History, Favorites, and the Shopping Cart.

We kept the ball rolling with an overview of the tabs you see on a product page that allow you to view specimens and even similar typefaces.

There is even a way to see if the typeface you want to license supports a specific language.

And if you’ve been following my tips you should now know where to find licenses, get an overview of your shopping cart, and obtain a quote.

One more thing, the My Account section is another area that is overlooked, so we covered that as well. Why? Because FontShop stores all your account information here and if you wanted to change a password, view your license agreement, or download your fonts again then you can.

We also have a Help Desk, where we go over common questions customers have asked us in the past. Now you’re up to date with all the previous post.

Theresa’s Tips: Language Support

Here’s a few tips to see if the typeface you want to license supports a specific language. Make sure you have a phrase or simple word in the characters you need in hand. For example, let’s find out if FF DIN Regular supports Cyrillic characters! The first step is to search for the typeface and then change the custom text to the characters you need supported. Right away we can see that only the PRO version of FF DIN Regular is rendering the text.

From there you can go to the product page and check out the entire Character Set. Typically if a font supports additional languages you’ll see multiple pages that show all the glyphs. In this case, FF DIN Pro Regular has four pages and contains 887 Glyphs that you can view.

Because I’m a triple check kinda of person, I want to go through the pages of the Character Set to make sure the glyphs I need are there.

Done! Everything looks good and now I know that I can create documents in Cyrillic using FF DIN Pro Regular.

Theresa’s Tips: My Account Features

Every time you log on to FontShop, you’ll see a My Account link on the top right hand menu. We’ll go over the different features tucked into this section of our site.

The first section of the My Account link is your basic information. If you need to change your name, password, or email address then just hit edit.

Hitting edit will take you to fields that you can modify. For example if you forget your password and need to change it after we provide you with a temporary one, then this is where you can create a new password. Don’t forget to hit save!

FontShop also stores the information of your previous purchases. Choosing an order ID number will take you to a one page summary of the license you purchased.

The best part of this section is that you can download a copy of the fonts you recently licensed if you need them again. We even store your Typekit voucher code, just in case you change your mind and decide not to self host your own webfonts.

Theresa’s Tips: Help Desk

Have you visited our Help section yet? We’ve filled it with answers to common questions customers have asked in the past. Just click on the HELP link, located on the top right corner of, and you’ll zip on over to the site.

Here are just a few questions we’ve answered:

When and how will I get my fonts after I buy them?

How do I install my fonts?

Are all FontShop fonts available for the web?

Just visit our Help section if you need a quick answer to your question before you purchase a license or submit a request for topics you’d like for us to go over. Also, the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is 42.

Theresa’s Tips: Licenses, Your Cart, and Quotes

Before your purchase, pay attention to these three things: Licenses, Your Cart, and Quotes. We will use FF Meta as the example and start with Licenses.

End User License Agreements, EULAs for short, are rules to follow when you want to use a font. You’ll want to keep in mind that you are not purchasing the typeface itself, but a license to use the font software. Because we have 100+ foundries that have their own EULA and you might not want to read every single one, we added a shortcut to a product’s EULA at the bottom of their page.

Your Cart keeps track of the number fonts you’ve added and the subtotal provided is the cost of a basic EULA. The most recent additions to your cart will be shown, up to five, and are linked to the product page. Just hit View Cart to see all the fonts you’ve added.

Quotes are easily obtained once you’ve added the items you need to purchase to the cart. Fonts are licensed in blocks of users, you will have to enter the number of computers that you will need to support, and the cart will automatically calculate your subtotal. The default number of users is the cost of a basic EULA.

If your company is growing, you can always extend your license to support additional computers by contacting us. We’ll also answer any additional questions you may have before your purchase. Whew! That was a lot to cover.

Theresa’s Tips: Specimen, Gallery, and Fonts Like This Tabs

For every product page on you’ll see three tabs: Specimen, Gallery, & Fonts Like This. These tabs are helpful product guides which can inspire potential use. Let me walk you through them using Estilo Script as the example. We’ll start with the Specimen tab.

Within the Specimen tab there are three choices: Display Sample, Text Sample, and Character Set.

Display Sample will show how your typeface will look at Display sizes. The text is a static, but you can see how the typefaces will behave in larger sizes.

Text Sample will display the typeface in a paragraph.

Character Set will show every glyph that is available within the font that you’ve selected. A small arrow within the glyph’s box will appear if there are alternates available for that character. Click the arrow to preview the alternates.

Gallery provides real world examples submitted by our customers and staff.

Fonts Like This is our hidden gem. Here you’ll find alternate typefaces that have similar qualities. If you ever need an alternate to Helvetica, its just a tab away!

FontShop Friday Five: Launches & Updates

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

Introducing Subsetter

We were excited to announce the launch of FF Subsetter this week, a new tool that can significantly reduce the size of your Web FontFont files. Give it a try!

OpenType Features Added to Sample Toolbar

Phase II of our sample toolbar overhaul went live this week and we’ll hope you enjoy. You can now preview OpenType features of a font before you buy.

What’s Up with FontBook?

Like the Go-Go’s, our lips are sealed, but we can’t help but notice a new splash page on Go ahead, sign up for updates.

New Font Samples in Newsletter

Did you miss our latest newsletter on Wednesday? Read it here. Then check out the new fonts from Font Bureau, Letterbox and Sudtipos.  You can subscribe to newsletters on this page to get this font deliciousness in your inbox twice a month.

On the FontFeed

Yves Peters looks at TypeCon in New Orleans, Type]Media 2011 grads, and a type-inspired commercial.

Friday Five Fonts:  Terital United by Letterbox and Salvo Sans Black by Font Bureau