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Final Four!

Final Final Final Final
38 Today Sans 40 FF Netto 40 FF Tisa 42 Elena
33 Frutiger 30 FF DIN 30 Fedra Serif B 29 FF Unit Slab

In a stunning upset last night, Volker Küster’s Today Sans narrowly took the victory away from last season’s champion, Adrian Frutiger’s eponymous sans. And out of the blue, Daniel Utz’s FF Netto beat last year’s strong competitor, Albert-Jan Pool’s FF DIN. FF Tisa held on to its spot against Fedra Serif B and newcomer Elena shut out the old guard FF Unit Slab. Today’s final round of elimination will determine who faces off in tomorrow’s championship game. Here we go!

Today Sans vs FF Netto

Today Sans vs FF Netto

FF Tisa vs Elena

FF Tisa vs Elena

March Madness Final Eight Face Off!

After this morning’s overtime nail-biter we’re now ready to pick up with the Final Eight. Barring a major upset, it looks like last season’s seeds are all on their way to the Final Four. It’s up to you; Get to it! Polls close tonight at midnight (Pacific).

Frutiger vs Today Sans


FF DIN vs FF Netto


FF Tisa vs Fedra Serif B


FF Unit Slab vs Elena


The Final Four commences here tomorrow!

Sweet Sixteen Goes into Overtime! Break These Ties!

In two hours, the schedule printed on your bracket will pick back up, but until then, we need you to settle these faceoffs. Voting closes at 1pm (Pacific), then stay tuned this afternoon, where the winners of these competing in the final eight slots are narrowed down to tomorrow’s Final Four! Let’s go to it!

Freight vs. Fedra Serif B


FF Unit Slab vs. Maiola


March Madness: Sweet Sixteen Wrapup

Final Final Final Final
38 Frutiger 47 Today Sans 47 FF DIN 34 FF Netto
27 Telefon 18 Edward 17 Aften Screen 31 Foco

Let’s hear it for the Sweet Sixteen! From the right side of the bracket, the remaining serifs go from eight down to four today. To participate, vote for the winner in each faceoff. One vote is one point. Follow the links in the titles for more info on each face. Let the games begin!

FF Tisa vs. Bodoni Egyptian


Freight vs. Fedra Serif B


FF Unit Slab vs. Maiola


Periódico vs. Elena


All polls close tonight at midnight (Pacific).

March Madness: First Half of the Sweet Sixteen

Final Final Final Final
58 FF Tisa 47 Bodoni Egyptian 58 Freight 58 Fedra Serif B
36 Swift 45 Premiéra 32 Odile 34 Fakt Slab

We’re past the initial round of elimination starting fresh today with the Sweet Sixteen! From the left side of the bracket, the remaining sanses go from eight down to four. Let’s do it.

Frutiger vs. Telefon


Edward vs. Today Sans


FF DIN vs. Aften Screen


Foco vs. FF Netto


All polls close at midnight (Pacific).

March Madness Northeast Serif Faceoff

Final Final Final Final
84 FF DIN 62 Aften Screen 67 Foco 71 FF Netto
29 Maple 49 Soleil 45 Sweet Sans 38 Interstate

Finalizing the initial round of 32 faces to advance to this week’s Sweet Sixteen today are the eight faces in the Northeast corner of the bracket. Some adjustments to your bracket may be in order after Friday’s upset. Two of the three seeds from last season lost to their come-lately challengers. At the end of today, how will our Northeast serifs do? Only you can decide. To participate, vote for the winner in each faceoff.

FF Tisa vs. Swift


Bodoni Egyptian vs. Premiéra


Freight vs. Odile


Fedra Serif B vs. Fakt Slab


One vote is one point. Polls close tonight at midnight (Pacific).

March Madness Southwest Sans Faceoff

Final Final Final Final
714 Frutiger 780 Telefon 623 Edward 601 Today Sans
381 Adelle Sans 280 Ludwig 438 Vista Sans 448 Benton Sans

The pace is picking up! We go now to Southwest corner of your bracket to narrow down the remaining sanses in the tournament, including three seeds from last year, Interstate, Sweet Sans, and FF DIN. Vote for the winner in each faceoff to participate. All polls close at midnight (Pacific).

Maple vs. FF DIN


Soleil vs. Aften Screen


Sweet Sans vs. Foco


Interstate vs. FF Netto


March Madness Northwest Sans Faceoff

The tournament is heating up! Final scores from last round are posted above. Now the top eight from the Northwest corner of your bracket face off to fill just four open slots. To participate, vote for the winning face in each poll. Follow the links in the title above each sample for more information on each typeface. One vote is one point. All polls close at midnight tonight (Pacific). Let’s make it happen.

Frutiger vs. Adelle Sans

Telefon vs. Ludwig

Vista Sans vs. Edward

Benton Sans vs. Today Sans

March Madness Faceoff Begins!


Let’s get started. If you don’t have a bracket filled out yet, that’s alright. Today’s the first day. Printable brackets are here. To participate, vote for the faceoff winner in the poll below each sample. For a closer look at each face, follow the links in the heading above each sample. One vote is one point. A special thanks to Trend from Latinotype for moderating the tournament. May the best face win

FF Unit Slab vs. Arno


Maiola vs. Scotch Modern


Periódico vs. Parkinson Electra


Elena vs. Treza


Polls close tonight at midnight (Pacific). The next faceoff begins here Wednesday March 20th.

March Madness is Back!

March Madness 2013

Everything starts Friday, March 15th.

Rebounding from last year’s triumphant March Madness Faceoff is a new season of, well, more madness I guess. This time with a seeded bracket (I had to look that up) and an unrelenting tournament schedule certain to whip the font-beset designer into a mania. So brace yourself, download and print out a bracket, and fill it out with your best guesses on which typefaces will win. Then, come back here to the FontShop blog on the day of the tournament, (the first is March 15) and vote for the winner of each match up. One vote is one point scored by each face. The full tournament schedule is on the bracket. Stay plugged in here for more updates.

Oh yeah! Share a photo of your completed bracket with us. You can drop a link to a photo sharing site in the comments.

Frutiger Emerges as 2012 Faceoff Champion

65 Frutiger
54 FF Tisa

Adrian Frutiger’s warm, humanist sans of the same name handily takes the championship title. The wayfinding face grew to set text beautifully, and like all other greats, became the subject of great imitation. You can read more about Adrian in Erik Spiekermann’s recent FontFeed post.

Congratulations to Frutiger and thanks to all whose participation made possible our March Madness Faceoff.

March Madness Final Faceoff!

Final Final
55 Frutiger 65 FF Tisa
34 FF DIN 23 Fedra Serif B

The madness is almost over. It all comes down to this!

Frutiger vs. FF Tisa

Get your vote in before midnight (Pacific).

Final Four Compete

Final Final Final Final
40 Frutiger 35 FF DIN 34 Fedra Serif B 37 FF Tisa
13 Sweet Sans 18 Interstate 18 Premiéra 17 FF Unit Slab

Only four contenders left, and only two spots in the championship; Let the games begin!

Frutiger vs. FF DIN

Fedra Serif B vs. FF Tisa

You can get a closer look at these faces by following the links in the headers, or by exploring the families in FontBook. FontBook for iPad available in the App Store. More information is at

All polls close at midnight (Pacific).

Faceoff! Eight Compete for Final Four Spots

Final Final Final Final
25 Premiéra 34 Fedra Serif B 32 FF Tisa 29 FF Unit Slab
31 Dolly 20 Baskerville Original 21 Minion 25 PMN Caecilia

We’re getting ever closer to Monday’s Faceoff Tournament Championship! Let’s take a look at our bracket as it now stands.

And now for today’s match-ups: Go to it.

Frutiger vs. Sweet Sans

Interstate vs. FF DIN

FF Tisa vs. FF Unit Slab

Premiéra vs. Fedra Serif B

All polls close at midnight (Pacific).

Sweet Sixteen Narrows in Today’s Faceoff

Final Final Final Final
53 Frutiger 50 Sweet Sans 44 Interstate 60 FF DIN
43 Salvo Sans 40 Brevia 42 Bree 30 Neue Haas Grotesk

How’s your bracket looking after last night’s unpredictable results? We’d like to see it! Link us to your photos in the comments section.

Dolly vs. Premiéra

Baskerville Original vs. Fedra Serif B

FF Tisa vs. Minion

FF Unit Slab vs. PMN Caecilia

All polls close at midnight (Pacific).