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TYPO Comes to San Francisco in April 2012

We previously mentioned that TYPO, one of Europe’s most successful design conferences, will add an annual event in San Francisco. Well now we have dates!

TYPO San Francisco will take place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), April 5-6, 2012 centering around the theme Connect.

We connect with the world every day. Good design makes this fun and easy, bad design ruins the experience. Being over connected can be fulfilling or overwhelming. Disconnecting can be a relief or isolating. And all of this is changing constantly with technology. TYPO San Francisco Connect brings together incredible speakers from both European and American design communities to share their work and insights on what it means to connect.

“Within 16 years we’ve developed TYPO to a path-breaking voice in the field of communication and design. The positive reception of TYPO London in October 2011 was the proof, that the international graphic design community wants that summit at additional design strongholds,” said Jürgen Siebert, Chairman, FontShop Germany. “We are thrilled to come to San Francisco.”

The two-day conference will feature a diverse array of creative and inspiring speakers across multiple industries in the Novellus Theater at YBCA. Erik Spiekermann and Kali Nikitas will facilitate in the main hall. The event will also feature typographic workshops and screenings at YBCA.

Registration will open December 1, 2011. An early bird phase with discounted tickets will run through December 31. Regularly priced tickets will be available January 1 through February 28, with late registration beginning March 1 up until the conference.

In the spirit of TYPO Berlin, a limited number of student tickets will also be available at a reduced rate.

More information, including registration and sponsorship information, is forthcoming at or follow us on Twitter @TYPOSF.

Call for Input: Best of 2011

It’s definitely difficult to believe that it’s already November. We’re hard at work compiling our “Best of” lists before the holiday season distracts us. While we definitely have opinions amongst our staff on what typefaces and enhancements defined the year, we’d like to hear yours as well.

Need some inspiration? Take a look back at some of our previous years’ posts. Next, flip through our New Fonts lists to see what’s come out this year. Then leave your picks in the comment section below.

Not sure if you’ll have motivation to volunteer picks? Let’s sweeten the pot a little bit. We’ll pick 10 lucky commenters to win a copy of the FontBook for iPad. Just leave your comment by November 30!

FontShop SF is Hiring

Looking for a great job opportunity in San Francisco? If you’re a creative, talented person with the skills to fulfill one the positions below, we want to meet you. We’re currently looking for:

Reflections on TYPO London

Earlier this week we made the exciting announcement that TYPO, Europe’s most successful design conference, will be coming to San Francisco. With the week winding down, two of our SF staffers reflect on the TYPO London conference held last weekend.

Says First Officer, Michael Pieracci:

TYPO London felt just like past TYPO Berlin conferences. The speakers had great stories to tell, compelling experiences and ideas, and their presentations were impeccably designed. I loved seeing attendees and speakers mingle outside the auditorium during breaks. My favorite presentation was from Kutlu Çanlıoğlu on how the BBC accommodates a huge number of language on their many sites. And the most exciting moment was receiving an autograph from King Bansah.

Reflections of Meghan Arnold, Communications Manager:

This was my first TYPO and I’m so excited that we’ll get to experience this in the states next year. I’ve never been so creatively inspired in an auditorium before, by such a diverse group of speakers. The mix of students and design notaries created a most amazing vibe. I loved seeing the inspiring women who presented and their use of color and storytelling in design. Of particular note to me were Nat Hunter, Marina Willer and Morag Myerscough. And let’s not forget the killer sketch notes of Eva Lotta-Lamm!

You can find more wrap-up of TYPO London on their blog.

Did you attend the conference? What were some of your favorite moments? Who would you love to hear from in San Francisco?

TYPO SF: Coming 2012

TYPO, Europe’s premier design conference, will hit American shores next year with an event in San Francisco. More information will be coming soon, but we wanted to confirm the exciting news announced at the close of the successful TYPO London conference this past Saturday.

Will we see you in SF?

Introducing Mobile FontFonts for iOS Apps

FontShop International released 14 font packs tailored specifically for use in iOS apps today, once again leading the way in typographic technology. Available at, the files are optimized to make the design process for creating beautiful iOS applications as seamless as possible.

Mobile FontFonts are optimized for screen and licensed for use on mobile devices. When designing a native app for a mobile device, like iPhone, Mobile FontFonts allow the designer to specify fonts outside the options that come preinstalled. Mobile FontFonts are presently supported in iOS only.

Introducing Mobile Fonts

Just like webfonts, mobile fonts protect brands and help set apps apart from the crowd. Optimized by hand for the device screen, Mobile FontFonts enhance the user experience. Mobile FontFonts let designers and developers break from the mold of system fonts and give their products some personality. With language support included, Mobile FontFonts allow for consistent, subtle branding to a global audience. 56 mobile fonts from 15 popular families are available in 14 packs with 4 fonts each.

Simple Licensing

Licensing for Mobile FontFonts serves the needs of the iOS developer. A team of up to five developers can share one license for their app portfolio. There’s no time limit on the license, nor annual royalty requirements, just a one-time license fee.

Time is Money

Mobile FontFonts are specifically formatted for embedding into an iOS app. No more hours spent converting fonts! Each is optimized for performance on screen and features developer-friendly licensing and pricing.

Try for Free

For a limited time, FontShop offers a free download of FF Basic Gothic Mobile Pro Black Italic for developers to test in iOS apps.

Although initially available only for use in iOS app development, mobile fonts for additional platforms will be released in the coming months. There are also plans to release additional font families, so designers can use typography to create truly 360-degree brands across desktop, web, and mobile.

Available Mobile Font Packages

Fourteen packages are available, containing four fonts each:

Octmobilefest is Coming

The winter semester across Europe starts tomorrow and we wanted to remind students to review the ways to impress their typography teachers and make sure their iPads are pre-loaded with the FontBook app.

Additionally, students and non-students alike should stay tuned to this blog, as well as our Twitter and Facebook, throughout the next month for a little something we’re cooking up called Octmobilefest. Also, make sure you’re subscribed to next week’s newsletter for some exciting news from FontShop and FontFont!

Confluence of Conferences

This is a big weekend for conferences in the type and design worlds. FontShop is proud to sponsor two events on both sides of the pond.

For the typophiles who made it to Iceland for ATypI, keep an eye out for the FontFont gang over the rest of the weekend.

Those who are heading to San Francisco for Under Consideration’s Brand New Conference can look for the crew from our office here.

Make sure to say “hi” at either event. Feel free to leave comments about your experiences below!

FontShop Friday Five: What’s New

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Please find below five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

New Typefaces

David Sudweeks recaps the fonts joining our library this July and August (including new webfonts).

More Employee Faces

Meet Mayene, the new face on our Sales & Support team.

New Tips Column

Theresa explains it all to type newbies in her new Theresa’s Tips column.

New Album Cover Reviews

Yves Peters’ latest My Type of Music installment is rocking as always in its take on album art.

New Newsletter

We’re starting September with a great newsletter next Wednesday. Put signing up for it on your weekend to-do list.

Friday Five Fonts: Gala Triline and Gala Regular by Canada Type

Meet the Fontshopper: Mayene Joins Our Customer Service Team

Earlier this month you met Theresa, who has spent four years assisting customers with support issues. Joining Theresa (and the other new faces at FontShop San Francisco) today is Mayene (pronounced “Mayan”), who will also be working on our Sales & Support team.

Mayene has a hamster named Donut that freaks out a lot, enjoys making oreo truffles and chocolate covered bacon for others (we’re excited to have her here for that alone), and likes board games and video games. Mayene shares a little about joining the FontShop team below:

How did you come into the customer service field?

It goes along with being a graphic designer. You deal with clients on a daily basis, so you have to have some customer service skills. I teach violin too and you have to be there for your students. Finally, as an owner of an Etsy shop, I get a lot of customer requests.

What are you most looking forward to as a FontShop employee?

After college I got really into fonts. As a designer you get a lot of questions about typefaces from friends. Being able to help people with their font needs, professionally, is pretty exciting for me.

What is your favorite typeface at the moment?

At the moment is a good clarification! FF Scala. It’s such a huge family and includes both serif and sans serifs. Pretty classic looking.

FontShop Friday Five: Resources & Revisiting

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

Brush Up with our Education Resources

Just in time for the start of the school year, we’ve updated our education library with everything you wanted to know about webfonts and how licensing works.

New Foundry & New Fonts in Latest Newsletter

Did you miss our latest newsletter on Wednesday? Read it here. Then check out our new foundry, Canada Type, as well as the great new selections from Sudtipos and Three Islands Press. You can subscribe to newsletters on this page to get this font delight in your inbox twice a month.

A New Perspective on FontBook App

Our new type expert explores the FontBook for iPad.

Be There or Be Square

We’re pretty darn excited for our big designer/developer meetup on Wednesday. Are you coming? Can’t make it? What would you ask our panel if you could?

On the Font Feed

Yves Peters highlights two film projects with a focus on type history. Speaking of film, help Yves show Austin what’s up with Trajan in Movie Posters at SXSW 2012.

Friday Five Fonts: Sugar Pie by Sudtipos and Gibson by Canada Type

FontShop Friday Five: New Faces

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

Meet David

We’re very excited to have a new type expert on board in our San Francisco office. Meet David here.

Actually Meet David

Join us on August 24 at our Designer & Developer Meetup.

Meet Others

If you’re in The Netherlands in September, Yves Peters recommends you check out the “Now We Are Talking” festival. Then join others in London this October at TYPO London: Places.

If You Can’t Meet, Tweet

Are you following us on Twitter? How about Facebook? Keep the typographic conversations going across platforms!

Or Just Watch a Movie Instead

Yves’ ScreenFonts column returns with some gems, including pointing out a “Crazy Stupid” design mistake.

Friday Five Fonts:  Alda by Emigre and Lush Script by TypeTrust

FontShop Swears In David Sudweeks, Type Expert

FontShop welcomes David Sudweeks to the San Francisco office. By way of introduction, he answers here a few questions selected by the staff.

How did you land upon being a “font expert”?

Most type people can trace their love for fonts back to their early years and in this respect I’m no different. I always enjoyed the perusal of alphabets available as iron-on letters, chenille patches, stencils, in embossed tape labelers and calligraphic style manuals, etc.. Picking up webpage design as a hobby during the internet’s first coming of age, and my own, led me into the design profession. Working different jobs in print design expanded my ability to identify faces and spec their appropriate use. Around the same time I began pursuing lettering and type design on my own, and this out of necessity got me involved with the Typophile community. Learning to write convincingly about the formal qualities of words & letters, and experiencing the warmth of the type world at events like TypeCon were the final reassurances I needed to know that I could make it in type.

Still, type expert? I guess so; though my first week here reminds me I’ve yet got plenty to learn.

What are you most looking forward to working at FontShop?

I’m here to do good writing and make good art. Anything else, like discovering with the rest of us what a Twenty-first Century type retail service shop looks like, will be icing on the cake.

What are your top three typefaces at the moment?

Williams Caslon from Font Bureau, rather than purporting to be another authentic revival type, is a beautiful portrayal of an idea called Caslon.

Next, Compendium from Sudtipos. It’s so much fun to use! The pains taken to establish a sophisticated fit and care put into character design guarantees this face never to fall flat.

Last, Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch. Folks who know me know that I like a good, deliberate blackletter when occasion calls for it. Rudolf Koch, Europe’s foremost type designer in his day, drew this one—maybe just for me.

And extra last, entry 4 of 3, I couldn’t pass up the chance to mention Marina Chaccur’s recent work out of the Type]Media program. (Permission to mention this just came in.) The Chic collection, comprised of a confident grotesque, a bold romantic display, and some fine lace, is designed to work together like the essential pieces of a well-dressed woman’s wardrobe. Before banging down Marina’s door please note that the collection is presently unreleased. Now bang down Marina’s door.

Join Us for a Designer/Developer Meetup in San Francisco!

Are you a developer looking to make your app or website more visually appealing? Are you a designer seeking opportunities in tech? Join FontShop and the Storek Building for Visual Meets Virtual, an informal evening aimed to connect developers and designers with one another to build beautiful projects together. Register via Eventbrite today.

We’ll have plenty of refreshments and libations for your enjoyment and a brief, informal presentation by members of the design and development communities (with a short Q&A) on how they view the two disciplines interrelating. Attendees will also be among the first to hear some exciting news from FontShop — you won’t want to miss it!

Day: Wednesday, August 24th
Time: 6-9 p.m.
Location: Storek Building, 155 9th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

6-7 p.m.: Pizza & Libations
7-7:45 p.m.: Panel Discussion and Q&A
7:45-9 p.m.: Mingle with our panelists and other attendees


Cary Dunn, CTO, RightSignature. From the temperate and sleepy beachside town of Santa Barbara, Cary is the development and UI steamboat behind the e-signature company RightSignature. He is a crossbreed developer/designer, which means you’ll often find him wireframing in code rather than Photoshop. He lives his life at local coffee shops, spends late nights hacking code, and always has a few new products brewing.

Chris Palmatier is a designer, developer, and artist whose restless muse keeps him bouncing between his text editor, vector drawing software, drafting table, and art studio. Over the past 10 years, he has worked as a full-stack web developer and interaction/visual designer, working to create tools that are both usable and delightful for the University of California, IDEO, and Civic Center/, to name a few. When not working on Internet design and manufacture, he also works on print design and consulting for clients in the East Bay, designs furniture, and creates abstract paintings and sculptures. Chris holds a BFA in Fine Arts (Painting) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and lives in sunny Oakland, CA.

Gregor Martynus. Having a degree in Media System Design and working for years as developer, designer and in between, Gregor understands the different languages of both sides. Potential gets lost in translation and wrong expectation – let’s talk synergies. Gregor is the founder of, an HTML5 app to take & share meeting notes. He enjoys working at coworking spaces and is moving once or twice per year. After San Francisco, he’ll move to Zurich with his wife. Spare time activities include traveling, photography and snowboarding.

Make sure to register here!

FontBook App – FAQs

UPDATED: November 7, 2013

FontBook 3.0.5 for iPhone and iPad is here and compatible with iOS 7! We answer some of your burning questions below, but feel free to leave more in the comments.

What’s new in version 3.0.5?

  • Improved rendering of special characters
  • “Cancel Search” button added (iPhone only)
  • Support for iOS 7
  • Minor bug fixes
  • New app icon

If I purchase the app, can I use it on both my iPhone and iPad?

Yes, as a universal app, you pay once and you may install it on any of your iOS devices. FontBook runs on iPad 2 (and later), iPad Mini, iPhone 4 (and later) and iPod touch (4th gen. and later)


Is there an Android version of the FontBook?

Not currently. While we are watching the growth of the Android market, we would first like to experience the transition from print to digital FontBook on one platform.

But what about print?

We want to deliver more information than ever before with the new typeface compendium. Note that the App delivers 620,000 font specimens — 19 times more than the printed FontBook 4. With FontBook 4, in 2006, we had to make compromises to host all available typefaces in one volume. For example, we downsized the showing of FF Meta (26 fonts) from three pages in 1998’s FontBook 3 to one page, despite the fact that the family had grown to 300 weights in the meantime. We did that by squeezing the stylistic sets into four lines of sample text — not a very user-friendly compromise. FF Meta is now shown in its entirety. The app also allows you to combine and compare type specimens — completely impossible with previous editions unless you were willing to tear your book apart.

Can I download fonts on my device?

iOS does not support the installation of fonts by the user. However you can download font files that have been purchased on FontShop with mobile Safari once you log into your account from a desktop computer.

Does FontBook contain the actual files of the shown fonts?

No. The FontBook app delivers raster images of typefaces that are generated and stored on a server. FontBook is an online Browser.

Can I use the FontBook app without an internet connection?

The app is primarily an online browsing application and can only display its full content when your device has live internet access through a WiFi/WLAN or 3G mobile connection. However, if you have no online access, you can temporarily switch the “Include online content” setting to “off”. This will enable the app to display a reduced pool of selected content which will work offline. Whenever you do have online access, you can switch back to the full version by switching the “Include online content” setting to “on”.


FontBook is available in the App Store. Learn more at