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Mark Your Calendar! June is Wedding Month at FontShop

weddingmonth-savethedate300You are cordially invited to celebrate Wedding Month at FontShop throughout June 2013.

We often get requests from brides, wedding planners, etc. for help picking out just the right typeface(s) to represent that special day. In response, we’ve decided to dedicate a month of our blog to addressing various aspects of wedding collateral design.

Whether it’s invites, placecards, and/or websites for a traditional or non-traditional celebration we’ve got you covered in our regular series. Tune in Mondays for nuptial-focused Buyer’s Guide, Wednesdays for Great Pairs, and Thursdays for Using Type. We’ll also of course be creating some lovely Pinterest boards and calling out any new fonts that would work well to showcase your everlasting love.

Additionally we’ll be hosting two contests for a chance for both designers and couples to build up their font registries. Stay tuned for details.

The fun starts Monday, June 3rd right here on the FontShop Blog. We can’t wait to celebrate our love of fonts with you!

Watch Livestreams from TYPO Berlin

logo-typoberlinTYPO Berlin Touch kicks off tomorrow (Thursday) and no matter where in the world you are, you can participate. Watch six livestreams throughout the conference (all times Central European):

Thursday, May 16th

Friday, May 17th:

Saturday, May 18th:

Frederic Goudy to Speak at TYPO San Francisco

TYPO San Francisco’s already exciting line up just became a bit more sensational. This year we’re taking it “Old Style.” Using the same technology that brought Tupac to Coachella, FontShop is happy to sponsor the “appearance” of Frederic Goudy “live” and onstage.

Fred Goudy Holographic Presence

Mr. Goudy will now close out the conference in the Lam Research Theater at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, immediately following Erik Spiekermann on Friday, April 12. No word yet on his presentation topic or if holo-Goudy will engage in a Copperplate debate with fellow speaker, Matthew Butterick.

Already planning for 2014, the TYPO Team hopes DNA technology will allow them to recreate Claude Garamond to add some European flair to a possible “Classics” track.

Get your tickets today.

TYPO San Francisco 2-for-1 Ticket Sale

via the TYPO San Francisco blog


TYPO San Francisco is just two weeks away! To celebrate, we’re offering a great deal, but you have to act fast! Buy a ticket by 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) Friday, March 29 and you’ll receive a code for a FREE companion ticket. It’s your final chance to save on the West Coast’s premiere design conference. Don’t miss presentations from Jessi ArringtonErik SpiekermannChristoph NiemanKelli Anderson and more.

Those who purchase tickets during the sale will receive a code on Monday, April 1 (no joke!) to register the companion ticket. Great time for design teams to buy!

This deal also applies to Typekit Student Tickets.

Register here.

TYPO San Francisco Announces Type Track


We can’t believe TYPO San Francisco Contrast is just around the corner on April 11 & 12.

Despite its name, the overall focus of TYPO is on design as a whole, not just typography. That said, we’re pleased the organizers added a Type Track this year in the intimate, 100-seat screening room.

More about the track:

It’s not all smoke and mirrors. Learn some of the secrets to creating a successful business in typography on Friday with moderator Carima El-Behairy, of P22 Foundry, and five speakers who will address various aspects of the type industry. Bring your questions, they have answers.

Don’t miss this conference! Get your ticket today.

TYPO San Francisco Prices Increase Friday

FontShop is proud to sponsor the second annual TYPO San Francisco happening April 11 & 12 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. We’d be remiss if we didn’t warn you that the deadline for regular registration is fast approaching – as in this Thursday night! That’s right, you can save $100 if you snap up your ticket today.


Don’t miss out on some serious design inspiration as Erik Spiekermann, Mandy Brown, Keetra Dixon, Christoph Niemann, Armin Vit and more take to the stage in just a few weeks.

Register today!

FontShop Plugin Now Supports Adobe Fireworks


Adding yet another design program to its repertoire, the FontShop Plugin is now compatible with Adobe® Fireworks®. Now you can see how different type options will look on web and mobile before you buy and without leaving your document.

The free FontShop Plugin lets you preview any of our 150,000+ fonts, in the context of your own artwork in Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® InDesign®, or Adobe® Fireworks® (CS5, CS5.5 and CS6). This is a great new way to find the perfect typographic fit for your project.


  • Supports Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Fireworks
  • Preview fonts in your document
  • Search by name, designer or foundry
  • Collect and tag favorite fonts

>> Download the FREE FontShop Plugin

And because if you’re not a Fireworks user, this may now be in your head, we’ll help you with that too:


Typographic Turn-ons: The DL (Discretionary Ligatures)

The final installment of our turn-ons series. Hope it sufficiently steamed up your designs this week!


Script face seeks OpenType palette ready for discreet adventure – turning on discretionary ligatures a must. Ready to get everything out of how I was built. Open to experimentation to make my “Th” in “Throbbing” look subtly stunning. Up for roleplaying with some historical looks, such as the “st” in strap. Lest we get too crazy, must be okay with turning off certain discretionary ligatures to dial it back.

typeoturnons_type.cs5_to life & love

DIY: Dive into the Sudtipos catalog for hours of DL fun. For a non-script face, Mrs. Eaves is open to playing around.

Typographic Turn-ons: The Language of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our penultimate post in our turn-ons series:


A train platform. A moonlit summer’s night. The air filled with smoke and revelry. Perhaps we’d make a great pair, but our languages are so different.

Judging by your accent, you may speak something Western Latin-based. Luckily my character set contains enough accents to support hundreds of languages in addition to English. I can totally be your Latin-based lover.


Hoping to hook up with someone who goes beyond the Latin-realm? You’ll find many faces that expand into Cyrillic and Greek. Fonts are increasingly extending into the realm of Arabic and Indic scripts too. Character-based languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean are also seeing more typographic development.

If you’re looking for someone who’s really been around the world, try a Unicode font.


DIY: Use the FontShop Language Filter to find typefaces compatible with whatever you speak. Any Pro FontFont supports all Western Latin-based languages. Check out Rosetta Type Foundry and Indian Type Foundry for some sultry selections of other scripts.

Typographic Turn-ons: Baby, I’m Kerning

Part three in our series:


Let’s face it, there’s something unspoken between us. No baby, it’s not the space between you and me, although sometimes it’s what’s between “u” and “i”.

I’ve been trying my darndest, but we’re just not fitting together right these days. Maybe it’s our increased size, but either we’re squishing into each other or we’re just too far apart. Frankly, it’s affecting my attraction to you.

There’s only one solution, sweet pea, we’ve got to kern. Our glyphs just need to get closer (but not too close) so that they fit better. And those times when we’re squished (especially when we’re playing as “scripts”), we need some positive kerning – pushing our characters farther apart.

typeoturnons_type.cs5_c'est la vie

I know, I know, you’re hesitant. Generally speaking, one doesn’t want to touch a type designer’s kerning. I mean, we were born this way. But y’know, sometimes I think we may have been born a text face, but with some manual kerning we could make it to a display. And yes, when we get that big, we look really loose. We’ve just got to pull it in a bit tighter.

Finally, if you’re not opposed to adding a third, I hear the best way to kern is to look at three letters at a time and make sure they look right.


DIY: Try your hand at tracking open and kerning Font Bureau’s William Caslon Text at a display size, such as in this photo.

Typographic Turn-ons: Sexy Swashes

Our  Typographic Turn-ons series continues.


He spotted her from across the room, her curves drawing him into the whole word, impossible to look away. Though italics always rang his bell, her forms brought something more to the table…he could never go back. Yes, he’d fallen head over heels for swashes.

Swashes derive from italics. When you look at the capitals from most italics, they’re just sort of oblique roman forms. Want to spice them up? Some fonts include extra glyphs to make those letters follow a more cursive construction.

typeoturnons_type.cs5_va va voom

Ready to start swinging with swashes? If swashes are available in your font, turn them on through the OpenType panel in your design program, or you can pick them one-by-one out of the glyph palette.

Contrary to popular assumption, swashes and flourishes are different – although if you want to get freaky with flourishes, by all means go ahead!

DIY: Want to find some sultry swashes! We recommend a dalliance with Farnham Display . We’ve also got a Fontlist full of Serifs with Swashes for you to explore.

Typographic Turn-ons: Contextual Alternate Lifestyles

Happy Valentine’s Week! Today we start our Typographic Turn-ons series for those who really love type and/or want to take their relationship with fonts to the next level. Check back here daily for tips and tricks to make your page sizzle.


Dear FontShop:

My partner and I are experiencing an awkward problem lately. Whenever we try to get cozy on the page, it seems our letterforms keep crashing into each other in a very unsexy way. The bigger we get, the more apparent this becomes. I’ve heard that contexual alternates may help, but it sounds a little scary. Any advice?

– Patty

Dear Patty,

It sounds as if you may be taking the wrong attitude toward contextual alternates. In fact, attitude is a perfect example of where this typographic feature will help. Don’t be shy, are your “tt”s jamming together? Turning on this feature (already built into your font) in your design program will make those letters better – and not look forced and awkward. If you’re a script face, you’ll really notice a difference and be as beautiful as you were designed to be.


Also, if you’re open to experimentation, may I recommend playing around with stylistic alternates as well? They just give you so many more options – you’ll never get bored. For example, if you have a lowercase a that defaults to a single-story “a” (in Apertura for example), but like a lot of people prefer a double-story, stylistic alternates will swap all those out. Same with hitting the right spot with a monocular or binocular “g”. Your font will have a default, which you’re probably using now. But to expand your options go to the OpenType menu within the Character palette in InDesign or Illustrator and start to play around in stylistic sets. Your world will never be the same.

Best of luck!

DIY: Spice up your week by trying Contextual Alternates in P22 Cezanne

Next Week: Typographic Turn-Ons


Have you ever been curious about contextual alternates? Sweat for swashes? Kinky about kerning? Don’t be embarrassed, we’ll indulge your font fetishes on the blog next Monday through Friday for Valentine’s Week. Get your scented candles, bubble bath and Barry White ready, next week we’re bringing you a Great Pairs series of a different kind – Typographic Turn-ons.

We suggest you read Meet Your Type as a primer and Typographic Horrors to remember what not to do (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

Watch this space and our Twitter and Facebook starting Monday!

FontBook 3.0.1 Has Arrived


Just before the new year, we hit you with FontBook 3.0, bringing the world of type to your pocket. You can now find an update to FontBook in the App Store which includes bug fixes and some additional features.  FontBook 3.0.1 is free for current users. A full list of updates is below:

  • New UI font, including kerning
  • Class category change to “Cs” (was Cl)
  • Redesigned UX elements and icons
  • Imprint: text changes
  • Enlarged touch areas for green pull tabs
  • Editable Favorites list
  • Faster font family view renderings
  • Bug fixes

Best Type of 2012: Behind the Scenes

bestof-headerWe hope you enjoyed the typographic treat in your inbox this morning to kick off the second day of your new year. The FontShop team loves putting together this Best Type issue of our newsletter each year and 2012 was no exception. It’s always agonizing making the final list because we love so many of the fonts that make their way across our desk(tops) every 12 months. We try to showcase a variety of 2012 additions from our catalog, from runaway hits like FontFont’s FF Chartwell to brand spanking new releases like Monokrom’s Telefon.

Planning for the issue begins about two months before we unleash it on the world. We bring together our Sales & Support Team, our Marketing Team, and of course our Design Team and Type Experts to bring their favorites and review the 2012 typefaces. As we brainstormed categories this year, we began joking about how it felt like putting together a yearbook. We ran with this and love the retro yearbook style our designers brought to the final product.

Huge props always go to our amazing type experts, David Sudweeks and Yves Peters for creatively writing the issue based on our theme and categories. Who didn’t laugh at the line about Filmotype Kitten washing her hair?

We truly hope you have as much fun reading this issue as we did making it. How excited are you for a whole NEW YEAR of fonts though? What releases are you most looking forward to this year?