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Buyer’s Guide: Looking for something from an old newlsetter?


Do you remember seeing something you loved in one of our newsletters, but don’t remember what it was? If you didn’t bookmark or favorite the font or take a screenshot of something for us to identify for you, try checking our Newsletter Archive. After every newsletter is lovingly put together and sent out to those waiting for new fonts in their inboxes, we post a version online that you can share with others or go back to browse through. Our Newsletter Archive goes back almost a decade, so you can even have fun looking at the evolution of FontShop Newsletters!

Pinterested: Ideas & Inspiration


Today is the second and last day of TYPO SF. Our speakers are awesomely inspiring — if your brain begs for more inspiration over the weekend, find typographic projects and posts on our Ideas & Inspiration pinboard. Aside from this one board on Pinterest, we have almost 60 boards that may help get your creative juices flowing for your next or future projects including Found TypeLettering, and Swashbucklers.

Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to keep up with the new pinboards we create regularly for you!

Buyer’s Guide: Meet and greet us at TYPO SF this week!


Attending TYPO SF this week? Look for the contrasting color combination of yellow and black this Thursday and Friday to find the FontShop table! Meet our Sales & Support team, Mayene and Theresa, during your breaks or in between speakers — if you have any burning questions about fonts or a font emergency, run over and let us know!

You’ll also be able to play with the FontShop Plugin as well as the FontBook app if you don’t have it already and comparatively flip through pages of an ancient FontBook. Stop by and say hello and pick up goodies while they last!

Pinterested: Free FontFonts!

pinterest-freefontfontsDid you know about the wealth of free FontFonts floating around on FontShop? If not, we’ve made them a little bit easier to find by creating a pinboard full of them. Check out our Free FontFonts board on Pinterest to find over 20 fonts waiting to be downloaded and loved — you’ll find treasures like FF Pullman and FF Motter as well as fun faces like FF Baukasten and FF Yokkmokk.

Buyer’s Guide: Where are the furry fonts?

kapi-phoneSometimes we have furry friends sniffing around for font recommendations. At times it may seem like type designers don’t carrot all, but our Sales & Support rep, Kapi, has a list of pawsitively purrfect faces that some of you might like to get your paws and claws on.

For faces Your Meowjesty might like to use for an invitation to his fancy feast, try Cat Cat Cat OT Std from URW or Catastrophe from Electric Typographer.

If you’re tired of chasing your own tail and would rather chase tails on glyphs, take a look at QuadruPets Dogs OT from Elsner+Flake. If you’ve been having a ruff day, give Bully from Fountain a chance. This one is good at barking away those pesky font validation errors.

Still wondering why the chicken crossed the road? It doesn’t matter, but you can write some new jokes in Birds OT. If you’re looking for a pheasant way to spend the evening, you might like browsing Linotype’s Zootype Complete Pack — this one pairs great with any of the fonts listed here.

We also have fonts that support a wider range of languages from oinking to baa-ing to whinnying; Your Moojesty might like a glyph or two in P22’s Toy Box Animals or Furry OT while—SQUIRREL! Err, Autograph Sketch Pro Two OT may pawsibly be your new favorite font.

One of my favorite ways to search for a good font is to let my whiskers lead the way. And licking the computer screen. If you can’t seem to find a furry font that you love, I would suggest shedding (especially after licking the screen). Then after you let a few hairs fly around, all of your fonts will look furry!


Pinterested: Hello, Tokyo!


Our Sales & Support team, Theresa and Mayene, both went to Japan for vacation this month at different times. We have a Type Travels: Hello, Tokyo! pinboard up from last year but wanted to revisit the typography seen overseas. A few new shots of Japanese typography are posted, as well, including a quick snap of an ad seen on a bus using sakura (Japanese cherry blossoms) to create the word “go”. If traveling to Tokyo is on your to-do list, we recommend trying during cherry blossom season — not only will you get to see how typography is treated in Japan but the beauty of spring and Hanami parties!

Buyer’s Guide: Promotional Pricing


From time to time, fonts go on sale or a foundry decides to promote some of their new fonts with introductory pricing. Whenever this happens, you can check on any current promotions on our New & Noteworthy pinboard or when we post about New Fonts every Tuesday.

Promotional pricing is already applied to fonts — no need to enter a promocode during checkout. When specific fonts go on sale, the price reflects its sale price and will revert back to its normal price whenever the promotion ends.

Pinterested: Pinned Promotions!


March has been full of promotions and new fonts with sweet introductory prices — you don’t want to miss out on these! Be sure you’re following our New & Noteworthy pinboard to catch up with running promotions. While we post any new promotions on our New Fonts posts every Tuesday, you can always double check Pinterest to find any of those bright red or yellow circles stamped on a type sample that lets you know something special is up.

Buyer’s Guide: Having trouble checking out?


Are you having trouble checking out? When you click “Checkout” in your cart, does the page seem to hang for a bit or does the page just refresh without moving forward? Are you staring at a blank page waiting for something to load?

Sometimes, your browser just isn’t having a good day. When you’re experiencing difficulties with your cart or checking out on FontShop, we recommend first trying to place your order in a different browser.

There are three pages during checkout:buyersguide-checkingout

Your Cart and Payment Information — these are the first two pages you’ll go through. To move forward from Your Cart, you’ll click a green button that says “Checkout”, which will take you to the Payment Information page. Once you enter your payment information, you’ll click a green button that says “Review Order” (if the button is grayed out and not green, double-check to make sure all your payment details have been entered correctly). If the checkout process hangs on either of these pages, try placing your order in a different browser. You haven’t actually submitted payment on either of these pages, so you will not get charged if your browser hangs after you click “Review Order”.


Order Confirmation — this is the last page during the checkout process where you can double-check to make sure you’re getting the right fonts, the correct format, and licensing the fonts for the number of users you need to support. To place your order, you’ll click a green button that says “Purchase”. After this, don’t close your browser yet! The next page you should see is your “Purchase Complete!” page where you can download your fonts. If you don’t arrive at this page, you can contact us to see if your order went through or not. We’ll let you know and send you your fonts if you weren’t able to download them after a successful order.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email the Sales & Support Team or call!

Pinterested: Lucky fonts for the weekend

pinterest-keepcalmandhobbitonIf you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend and need some Irish fonts for any reason at all, well, you’d have a grand time revisiting our Keep Calm & Hobbiton pinboard we created last year — there’s still a wealth of uncial fonts for you to dig through.

Like a pot o’ gold, this pinboard has loads of typographic treasures like FF Lukrezia from FontFont’s FF Script Type 2 OT package and the P22 Kells Set. So, before you head out to a pub, try some of these uncial faces in FontShop’s Plugin! Sláinte!

Buyer’s Guide: Looking for a specific font?


Sometimes you see a font and need to have it, but you don’t know what font it is. That’s where FontShop‘s Research Team comes in.

If you are looking for a specific font, visit our Font Identification and Type Research page and fill out the form the best you can — the more information we have about the font you’re looking for, the better we’ll be able to assist you! if you have an example of the font you’re looking for, upload an image through our form or send us a link to the image and we can take a look at it; if we have that font available, we’ll be able to direct you to it, otherwise we’ll let you know of any similar fonts you might like as alternatives. If you don’t have an image, don’t worry (we know the feeling of having the font’s name right on the tip of your tongue but not being able to say it): describe the kind of font you’re looking for and we’ll give you recommendations for fonts that we think you’ll like. One of them might be the exact font you’re looking for!

You can also email FontShop’s Research Team directly with any information, images, or descriptions that may help us help you!

Pinterested: New pins this week


If you’re not into basketball, don’t worry — FontShop‘s got you covered. Our fontastic March Madness begins next week. Check out our March Madness 2013 Pinterest board to refresh your memory on last year’s champion. Also, don’t forget to follow the board so you can keep up with the madness starting next Friday, March 15th!


Also, don’t forget to follow our New & Noteworthy board for current promotions and new fonts and our Typography 101 pinboard to keep up-to-date with our type tips! And while you wait for March Madness to start, our Ideas & Inspiration board will keep you company.

Buyer’s Guide: Will FF Chartwell work for me?

While FF Chartwell is a really cool font that you might want, it is also one of the most complex fonts we have available on FontShop — you may need to do a bit of research before and after licensing this font.

The #1 question you should ask yourself before buying and downloading FF Chartwell is: what program do I intend to use the font in?

If you’ll be using the font in design programs (such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop), you’re usually good to go. As long as the program can handle stylistic sets and contextual alternates, you’ll be able to use FF Chartwell. Of course, there are exceptions: most notably, color versions do not work when using QuarkXPress. Also, FF Chartwell Bars and FF Chartwell Bars Vertical are the only styles that are currently compatible with iWorks.

One of the best things you can do before getting your hands on this particular typeface is to read the FF Chartwell User Manual. FontFont has also dedicated a few pages on using FF Chartwell, including a video on How to Use FF Chartwell.

howtouseffchartwellOur type expert, David, also put together a series last year on using FF Chartwell, which you can find collected on our In Your Face: FF Chartwell Pinterest board.

Pinterested: Glyph Garden

Hello, March! As the sun shines down brightly on our San Francisco office, it continues to nurture our love for fonts — a new board on Pinterest has bloomed!


Our Glyph Garden pinboard is a collection of pixels and perennials. Paired with beautiful springtime visuals from fStop Images, flourishing fleurons such as Blossomy or Cadence will make you want to pick out your own bouquet of fonts. Or if you like to get your hands dirty gardening in the sunshine, Kapitza’s Allotment will help you become a digital gardener. Don’t forget that plants need plenty of water — check out our Water You Waiting For pinboard, too!

Pinterested: Lovin’ U


If you’re still getting hot for glyphs from last week’s Typographic Turn-ons series, we have a big board of fonts that will make “U” look good! In our Lovin’ U pinboard, you’ll find over 50 fonts for you to check out, some you might not have known about yet — think of it as speed dating for fonts. Looking for a face that will make you look elegant? Say hello to Ivory Headline from FaceType. Is your type the bold kind? Try Facebuster from TypeTrust. Or maybe you need to pull your true love closer? Have at it with Rodeo Rope from Baseline Fonts. Not sure which one you like best? All of the fonts featured in our Lovin’ U pinboard can be tested out in the FontShop Plugin!


Or if you’re just looking for some new love, don’t forget about our New & Noteworthy board. We have promotions going on you don’t want to miss!