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Griffith Gothic and Velino Display, Text

Turning what has become the normal pairing scheme for this series on its head is Griffith Gothic and Velino Display / Velino Text. Here it’s the sans that has been engineered to hold up at small sizes, and the serif that takes up the role of the urbane, dominant voice.
Griffith-Gothic-and-Velino-1The shared formal characteristic of the pair that sold me on its compatibility was its use of stroke contrast. In Velino, Dino dos Santos uses contrast to impart stateliness and control to the characters. Chauncey Griffith’s Bell Gothic, the original archetype of Griffith Gothic, uses high contrast (most notably in its heavier weights) out of purely functional concerns, counteracting the spread of cheap ink applied to cheap paper on a fast printing press. Griffith Gothic’s designer, Tobias Frere-Jones takes advantage of this functional adaptation, turning it back into a stylistic choice. If you’re interested in the history, Nick Sherman shares a concise run-through of Bell Gothic on his website.

Griffith-Gothic-and-Velino-2 Griffith-Gothic-and-Velino-3Together, the unsophisticated gothic seems to really brighten up, following Velino’s lead.

Griffith-Gothic-and-Velino-6 Griffith-Gothic-and-Velino-4Velino has a great text variant with lower contrast for handling text sizes. Put in the service of text, Velino adds a sophisticated feel that marries well with Griffith Gothic’s plainspoken delivery.
Griffith-Gothic-and-Velino-5Great Pairs continues here Wednesday.

New Fonts This Week

Dark Angel by Alphabet Soup
Casanova Script by Elsner+Flake
Vianova by Elsner+Flake

More from Elsner+Flake: Aniene, Besty, Bilbo, Bluset, Caligari, Deco, Didima, Epoche, Eurasia, Fairy Tale, Gimli, Gloin, Hot Dot, Jeannes Script, Materia, Novice, Redot, Reimig Brush, Siegel, Tante Emma.

Nota1 by ParaType
Terra Ignota by Three Islands Press
Webfonts Available


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Buyer’s Guide: Font Diner and Filmotype EULA

When you license fonts from FontShop, you may notice that some EULAs look exactly the same. Foundries that have the same EULA are sometimes related. Font Diner and Filmotype belong to this group and we’ll go over some basic rights that apply to both. FontFilmo

Basic EULA Rights

  • Desktop use supports up to 2 CPUs.
  • You may take the font to a service bureau for printing, but the service provider must delete the font after the job is complete.
  • You may embed the font outlines for personal, non-professional, non-commercial use only.


  • You cannot share the fonts with users that do not have a license for the same fonts.
  • You cannot embed the font into a Website or Application.
  • You cannot embed the font into Flash animations.
  • You cannot create alphabet or letterform related products for resale.

See Font Diner EULA

See Filmotype EULA

If you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

EULA highlights will be posted every other Monday. Next up is Font Bureau.

Pinterested: Great American Faces


Staying out of the heat and feel like browsing fonts this weekend? Check out our Great American Faces pinboard, which highlights some awesome pictures from fStop Images and our Top 10 American Typefaces from our Independence Day Focus newsletter last year.

Nassim and Axia


Today we look at Titus Nemeth’s Nassim with Sibylle Hagmann’s Axia. Nassim was concurrently designed to work across Latin and Arabic scripts. The two are not only stylistically cohesive, but structurally complementary. By the way, if you need fonts that support both Arabic and Latin, see the Nassim Arabic Bundle.



Looking closely at Nassim, I found in Axia a nice bit of symmetry in its angular nature, high joins, seemingly arbitrary shearpoints in the curves, and overall open structure. Used to each’s advantage, their combination comes off with a contemporary feel and inviting tone.

Nassim-and-Axia-4 Nassim-and-Axia-3 Nassim-and-Axia-2

New Fonts This Week

Rolling Pen by Sudtipos


Busoni by Urtext Music Fonts


Burnside by Urtext Music Fonts


TpKurier Calligraphic by VetteLetters


TpKurier Serif by VetteLetters


TpKourier Sans by VetteLetters


TpMartini by VetteLetters


Margon by ParaType

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Congrats Wedding Month Winners!

We had so much fun hearing your wedding stories and seeing your gorgeous designs throughout June’s Wedding Month! Today we’re pleased to announce the winners of our two contests.


Congratulations to Great Pair, Katie & Jerry, on winning help from type expert David Sudweeks to pick out $100 toward fonts for their wedding. Our blog readers voted Katie’s story their favorite. We love it too – and are sure David will find typefaces for them with that perfect “opposites attract” feel.

Jerry and I met in college while on a trip with mutual friends to an ice skating rink. By the end of our first night I knew that he was an accomplished figure skater (hot!), that he loved Bill Nye the Science Guy, and that I was completely smitten. It took me a while to convince him that we were perfect for each other…I had a head of bright pink hair, he definitely did not; he was a gamer, I was not; he was the pickiest eater I had ever met (the only fruit he ate was apples, his diet consisted of plain pasta, rice, chicken, and Goldfish crackers), I was kind of horrified that my usual method of wooing (lots, and lots of food) was just not going to work. But here we are, almost 5 years later. I’ve become a gamer, he eats like a human, and no one has pink hair. I cannot imagine my life without him. Somehow, together we equal more than the sum of our parts, and our differences balance us. We’re getting married 10/4/14 (10+4=14! nerds!) and would like to find typefaces that are as great together as we are.

“We’re so excited,” Katie says upon winning the contest. “We live in Boston, MA where Jerry is working towards a PhD in Chemistry and I am working as a fledgling museum exhibit developer. We’re getting married in the Hudson Valley near the college (and ice skating rink) where we met.”

With dozens of entries into our Design Contest, the competition remained close on our Pinterest board until the end. A big congratulations to Wes Lyman, whose stationery design for his 2012, garnered 63 likes by voting deadline. We echo Wes’ sentiments: “The board hosted a lot of great work!” “

Wes used SudtiposBurgues Script and Adobe Garamond Pro to create this gorgeous collateral letter pressed in PMS 325 and Black on natural white letter press paper.

A huge thanks to all of those who entered both contests! Let us know if in the comments if you’d like to see more in the future.

Buyer’s Guide: Online Payment Options

buyersguide-quickonlinecheckoutHere at FontShop, we offer different ways for you to get your fonts. You can choose to checkout online (which we recommend!) or be invoiced and pay by check or wire transfer. Today, we’ll talk about the options you have when checking out online.

The first step is making sure you have an account on If not, create an account by registering with your email address and verify your email once you get the confirmation email that your account has been created.

Once you have an account (of if you already had one set up), be sure to login. If you’re ready to go and have the fonts you need in your cart, click Checkout in your cart. Now, let’s take a look at the payment options by region:


You will always have the option to pay by credit card no matter where you are; we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If you’re in North or South America, Europe, or Asia, we’re happy to let you know you also now have the option of PayPal! And finally, if you’re in North or South America or Asia, you can also choose to checkout via Amazon Payments.


Do note that the font prices are only listed in three currencies based on your region: US Dollars, Euros or Australian Dollars.


At this time, we do not list prices in pounds or yen.

We generally recommend trying to check out online since it’s usually the quickest way to get your fonts (especially if you’re in a rush to get that project done before the deadline). Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll be able to download your fonts to your computer immediately!

If you need help checking out, first take a look at our post “Buyer’s Guide: Having Trouble Checking Out?” If you do need to invoiced and pay by check or wire transfer, however, please contact our Sales & Support Team and we’ll get you set up and get you the fonts you need.