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New Fonts This Week – Including FontFonts!

This week, we have lots of fresh faces, including two from FontFont. You’ll also find deals from both FontFont and Just Another Foundry. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories. Now for all the latest from the following foundries:


FF Marselis Pro

FF ThreeSix Pro Collection

Just Another Foundry

Bernini Sans Super

Domus Titling


Henriette Complete

New Foundry




Fidel Black

Tikal Sans



New Foundry

Indian Type Foundry

Tulika Bengali

ITF Devanagari

Buyer’s Guide: Extend Your License to Support Web and Mobile

In the past you only had to worry about basic desktop licenses, webfont choices were limited to system fonts, and designing for mobile apps wasn’t a priority. Now you have to worry about supporting all three: desktop, web, and mobile.

But don’t worry, FontShop has got you covered!

You can purchase a basic desktop license that allows a font to live on your computer. The software is installed on your system so that you can use the font in various programs, but this license doesn’t include support for web or mobile.

Webfont licenses allow fonts to live on your site using the CSS @font-face rule. Take a look at how we label our webfont products and view our webfont license guide for primers on finding and purchasing webfonts.

Finally, mobile licenses allow a developer to include Mobile FontFonts into multiple apps, the license is perpetual, and they have web and desktop counterparts.

If you can’t find the license you are looking for, FontShop’s support is always here to help.

Pinterested: New boards this week

To welcome the new season, we created one new board this week that will remind you of school days gone by. Our Back To School pinboard is a collection of images and fonts that are reminiscent of playgrounds, chalkboards, and learning how to connect your letters in writing with that thing called cursive. From fonts that remind you of elementary school like Lemonade Std Regular to fonts that hold memories of pep rallies and high school football games such as Yearbook Std Solid and Princetown Com.

Also, while our Sew Creative board isn’t exactly new this week, did you know September is National Sewing Month in the US? Get crafty with fonts like Stina Regular OT and the P22 Folk Art Set!

Typographic Trends and Undercurrents

Because we’re designers, we’re taught to recognize and make use of contrast in our compositions. We of course don’t stop there however; We see this visual phenomenon at work everywhere – in the way each part interacts with the whole, and on a larger scale, in the way our work interacts with the whole of graphic design. So when something looks particularly new to us, it’s no wonder we take and carry it with us. As new styles and graphic trends develop, we may consider the application of a particular style to our work as not a conscious choice, but only natural. Twenty years later however, we may note that our following the same popular processes and whims led us to unsurprisingly similar results. More concisely, no sooner have we borrowed from something that contrasts the rest, than have we lowered its contrast.

So in thinking about current typographic trends, and how and why they develop, I’ve come up with a few I’ll be hatching serially over the course of the next few weeks, here on Thursdays. While my reluctance to compile a list of things that would most certainly be out of fashion in six months time should be noted, one can also note that – while I’ll be including some of that for reference – this won’t be that.

Nick Cooke’s Rollerscript

If you’re the perceptive type, you may already have guessed that the handwritten note reproduced below is not what it seems. Just in from G-TypeNick Cooke’s Rollerscript is the latest in a long line of naturally flowing, casual handwriting types – but since what this one does, it does very well – I thought I should take it out for an extra walk this afternoon.


When searching for a handwriting face that has just the right tone, a thoroughly human option can be difficult to find. Faces that introduce a bit of human variation can convince with one word and fail to persuade with the next; while those that appear too normalized or systematized disclose their origins too readily. Rollerscript seems to have arrived at a good balance by both introducing spontaneity through a complex system of expertly fit character combinations, and by adhering to a relatively regular axis. As you type, Rollerscript’s many alternate forms and ligatures pop into action, changing and swapping out characters to ensure consistent personality, better overall fit, and that identical glyphs never appear too near one another on a line.

Rollerscript comes in two variants, Rough (pictured above) and the more simplified Smooth. The rough texture recreates well the edge left behind from a quickly pulled ball-point pen on inexpensive paper.

With FontShop Plugin for Adobe InDesign You Can Now Try 150,000 Fonts in Creative Suite

With the addition of Adobe® InDesign® support, the FontShop Plugin now works in all of the most popular Adobe® Creative Suite® programs. At FontShop, we believe that at the heart of great graphic design is great typography. So in thinking how to get more and better type into the hands of great designers everywhere, we came up with a way to let them test out new typefaces from inside a familiar workflow.

Choose from the majority of the 150,000 fonts we carry (new fonts arriving weekly) directly from Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and now InDesign. Use the FontShop Plugin to create comps, mockups, or to otherwise put type through its paces, free. After giving them a try, the plugin makes it easy to buy just what you need.

Download the FontShop Plugin for Free »

New Fonts This Week

Check out our fresh new faces. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories. Be sure to check out the new webfonts now available from Hiba Studio and PsyOps Type Foundry. Now for the latest from the following foundries:




Hiba Studio

HS AlBasim A Web
HS AlBasim B Web
HS Alfaris Web



Mostardesign Studio

Kara Pro Complete


Edward Pro Complete

PsyOps Type Foundry

Armature Neue Complete

More from PsyOps Type Foundry »


Blitz Complete

New Type Foundry


Parfumerie Script Pro

Buyer’s Guide: MULs and Extending Your Current License

A Multi-User license, MUL for short, is purchased when you need to license a font to support additional users above the basic license. To obtain the cost of an MUL, just add the product to your cart and change the number of user based on your needs. Your MUL will also support multiple geographic locations, extending the single location terms found in most EULAs.

If you have a basic license and you need to extend it to support additional users, or multiple locations, then contact FontShop. We’ll need to know your previous order number and how many users you would like to support in order to give you a quote. We can also extend web licenses, provide quotes for Mobile FontFonts, and answer additional questions you have through our help desk.