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Typekit Update Includes Newest Web FontFonts

Update April 2016: Recent changes to the FontShop website have temporarily made this automated “Bring Your Own License to Typekit”unavailable. To use your Web FontFonts on Typekit, visit your order history and click the green button to request a Typekit web voucher.


Have a Typekit account? Integrate the latest Web FontFonts today. Don’t forget, the files include comp fonts for offline design. They also ensure you end up with a smaller file size, additional optimization for Microsoft’s rendering API DirectWrite and improved vertical metrics for consistent baseline positions in all browsers. In many of the files, you can also now choose between Oldstyle Figures and Proportional Lining Figures.

You may also notice we’ve updated the look of this blog with some new webfonts. The headers are now in FF Sero Web and the body text in FF Tisa Web.

Have you given your site a makeover yet? Let us know in the comments!

Theresa’s Tips: Using the Site

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be guiding you through the features of – both new and old. I’ll start with the basics: a brief overview of the browsing icons you’ll see through our site.

When you are browsing for typefaces, you will always see three icons throughout the site: History, Favorites, and the Shopping Cart. I recommend that you always log in to your account so that you get the benefits of all three features.

History takes you to your list of all the typefaces that you have browsed through on FontShop. So if you ever needed to search for a typeface that you saw last week, then it should be available here.
Favorites are your own selection of fonts that you’ve starred while browsing the site and can tag to sort them based on project, style, or anything you wish.
Shopping Cart keeps all your potential purchases in one area and if you need to get a quick quote based on the number of users and format, you can do it all here.

The custom sample tool bar found on product pages lets you change background and text color of a typeface and view all the OpenType features a font has. Use the legend below to help you browse your favorite fonts!

Five Ways to Impress Your Typography Teacher This Semester

Heading back to the classroom this fall? Forget putting an apple on the desk. Here are some sure-fire ways to impress both your instructors and classmates using tools from FontShop.

5. Readily reference your summer reading from the FontShop Education pages.

4. Design your online portfolio using webfonts. Won’t your professor be impressed when your gorgeous site shows up in search results?

3. Bring up new fonts highlighted in FontShop’s twice monthly newsletters in class discussion.

2. Constantly refer to alternatives for common typefaces and the perfect font for every project.

1. Preload your iPad with the FontBook app, impress your instructor and wow your classmates. And, of course, let us know if you get any dates through showcasing 620,000 type specimens in your lab.

FontShop Friday Five: What’s New

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Please find below five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

New Typefaces

David Sudweeks recaps the fonts joining our library this July and August (including new webfonts).

More Employee Faces

Meet Mayene, the new face on our Sales & Support team.

New Tips Column

Theresa explains it all to type newbies in her new Theresa’s Tips column.

New Album Cover Reviews

Yves Peters’ latest My Type of Music installment is rocking as always in its take on album art.

New Newsletter

We’re starting September with a great newsletter next Wednesday. Put signing up for it on your weekend to-do list.

Friday Five Fonts: Gala Triline and Gala Regular by Canada Type

New Fonts, August 2011

August came heavy with new fonts this year. With the introduction of Canada Type’s catalog to our offerings, new script faces from Sudtipos and Three Islands Press and more you’ll have to read about in our coming newsletter, we’ve seen a lot of good work come in.

And even though these Web FontFonts technically arrived in July, it’s about time they were introduced as all new, especially since they now come with a set of comp fonts: FF Sero Web, FF Tundra Web, FF Nuvo Mono Web, and FF Signa Stencil Web, with and without serifs.

FF Sero Web by Jörg Hemker

FF Sero combines the striking forms of an American Grotesque with the legibility of a Humanist Sans Serif typeface. It has open contours, a distinct x-height and a homogeneous grey scale value. During the seven years of development the classic letter forms have matured and turned into a balanced, sovereign typeface. Eight harmonized weights and an extensive character set allow for a flexible and versatile typography. Cyrillic and Greek characters provide an extended language support.

FF Signa Stencil Web & FF Signa Serif Stencil Web by Ole Søndergaard

FF Signa is a typically Danish typeface, rooted in architectural lettering rather than book typography. Concise letterforms and a minimum of detail produce clear and harmonious word images. Designed for the Danish Design Center, it is used there for printed material and exhibitions as well as the internal signage system. There are Condensed, Extended and Correspondence versions, and in 2005 FF Signa Serif joined the family. In 2011, Stencil variants were added.

FF Mister K Onstage & FF Mister K Informal by Julia Sysmäläinen

Also, we’re quite pleased with the response FF Mister K is getting, and pleased more to announce a new sibling to the family, FF Mister K Informal.