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Try Subsetter to Reduce Web FontFont File Size

Subsetter was designed with the needs of both web designers and developers in mind. Its purpose is simple — reduce the file size of your Web FontFonts to make your websites faster, optimize bandwidth usage, and reduce high-traffic costs. Subsetter allows you to strip out extraneous glyphs and data that you may not need, like unused language characters, punctuation marks, and kerning information. It will create a new, lighter webfont file tailored to your website.

On July 20, FontFont will be releasing an upgraded Web FontFont collection. To further optimize your Subsetter experience, we encourage you to re-download your Web FontFonts after July 20 to get the improved versions. This will ensure that you end up with a smaller file size, additional optimization for Microsoft’s rendering API DirectWrite, and improved vertical metrics for consistent baseline positions in all browsers. Upgraded Web FontFont files will be available at no additional cost.

You can reduce your Web FontFont file sizes in a matter of moments with Subsetter’s easy, three-step process.

  1. Upload a Web FontFont.
  2. Strip out glyphs and data that may not be needed for a particular site, like unused language characters, punctuation marks, and kerning.
  3. Download your optimized font file.

Grab FF Nuvo Web for free and give Subsetter a try. Stay tuned to the FontFeed this week for a more in-depth look!

Webfont Wednesday: Inspiring Webfonts

We were thrilled recently to learn that the man behind The FontFeed, our pal, Yves Peters, was selected to fill the final speaker slot at the Inspire Conference in Leiden this fall. We were even more excited to see their beautiful website’s use of FF Meta Web.

Speaking of conferences, FontShop is pleased to be a sponsor of TypeCon, taking place in New Orleans this week. We’re also buzzing about TYPO London coming up in October. Check out our newsletter for more information. The 2nd round of early bird tickets has just started!

New Feature: OpenType Feature Controls

In May, we announced a complete overhaul of our custom sample text toolbar. Phase One included the introduction of our sample text selection menu, and our new color selector. Today we’re happy to introduce Phase Two: OpenType Feature Controls.

In the sample text toolbar on any page displaying font renders, you’ll now see a new gear icon. Upon clicking the gear, a control panel will be expanded, as seen above. This panel includes a predefined list of OpenType features most commonly included in OT fonts, as well as a few dropdown menus containing additional features that are grouped by relevancy. Note that on single font pages, like that of FF Chambers Sans OT Regular, features that are not included in the font will be grayed out and unselectable.

To view your sample text with an OpenType feature applied, simply select a checkbox or menu item. The rendered image will automatically update with your OT feature applied, if any applicable characters are present in the sample string. FF Chambers Sans OT Regular, for example, contains Swash caps alternates:

Please note that not every selectable OpenType feature will affect your rendered sample. Most OT features only affect a subset of characters within a font, and if they are not present in your sample string, no glyph replacement will take place. You can view which glyphs are included in each OpenType feature by clicking the Character Set tab on a single font page and selecting a feature from the list. You can also learn about each feature by hovering over the feature name.

Just as with the color selector, the OT feature controls can be collapsed using the Hide Controls button. Unlike the color selector, your selections will not be persistent when navigating through to other font pages, as each font will have differing available OT features.

While we’re very happy with the status of the OT feature controls and wanted to let you all get your hands dirty with it, we are still working out some of the kinks. If you notice anything awry, let us know in the comments.

FontShop Friday Five: New Fonts & Highlights

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

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Recently we told you about updates to the FontFonter. Design maven The Swiss Miss takes a look on her blog.

Speaking of Webfonts…

This week’s Webfont Wednesday looks at the use of FF Enzo Web by Impose Magazine.

Conferences Galore

Yves Peters recaps his rockstar experience at Ampersand on The Font Feed. While on the topic of conferences, FontShop is a proud sponsor of next week’s TypeCon in New Orleans.

Friday Five Fonts: Acta Symbols by DSType and Sweet Sans by Sweet